Opera 9.5, New Weekly Build

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Opera 9.5 BetaLet’s continue with the news. Opera Desktop Team recently released one more Opera 9.5 build (not a final). As usually, they have tried to fix as many bugs as possible. And here we go… Changelog.

  • Several stability and crash fixes
  • Scrolling with mouse wheel now works over Flash objects with onRollOver handler
  • Fixed linebreaking and white-space handling in designMode
  • Fixed long content makeing scrollbars disappear and disabling scrolling
  • Missing table cells have no more a green background
  • Fixed 1 pixel high Gmail compose window
  • Fixed crash when opening the Info panel
  • Fixed sorting of IRC channels
  • Fixed message priority not being displayed in Mail
  • Fixed wrong context menu shown for selected text that is a link
  • We are now splitting too long IMAP commands into smaller chunks
  • Fixed wrong port when creating NNTP or IMAP account with Gmail e-mail address
  • Fixed fetching of new POP3 mail once you empty trash
  • Windows specific:

  • Opera runs on Windows 95 again
  • UNIX specific:

  • Fixed broken expansion of “~”
  • Fixed flickering of notifications
  • Fixed crash when connecting to chat
  • Known issues:

  • GMail top menu bar broken
  • Wrong cursor on form buttons and labels
  • Plugins on UNIX might be even more broken – big changes coming up… (Do not bother filing plugin bugs on UNIX)
  • No sparc builds
  • [BUG 296670] Animated gif images get corrupted on Windows
  • [BUG 267632] Images don’t display when printing
  • [BUG 213115] Queued mail is sent at the next check, instead of waiting for manual action
  • [BUG 295195] Web archives are broken if you ever have changed the default action of a file type in Preferences
  • Download Opera 9.5 for Windows (Build 9649)
    Download Opera 9.5 for Windows (Classic Installer) (Build 9649)
    Download Opera 9.5 for Macintosh (Build 4529)
    Download Opera 9.5 for UNIX (Build 1662)

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