Opera 9.22 Released

By | July 6, 2007

I bet everyone expected to see first Opera 9.5 releases, but you will have to wait more. Till now, I have some good news for Opera current and potential users. Opera 9.22 was just released.

Opera 9.22 fixed the following issues:

Bolding in fonts in toolbars and analogs works now.

Also, here are some minor features and upgrades for you:

Microsoft Silverlight plugin now works in Opera.
Bit Torrent upgrade, for example: big files downloading improvements.

UNIX Specified Upgrades:

Shared memory is turned off by default now.


Windows MSI
Windows Classic

Please note: this is not a final release, it’s just another weekly version. Use it on your own risk or just wait for the final release.

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  1. Tim Altman says:

    9.22 hasn’t been released. This is just another weekly.

  2. Opera 9.22 has NOT been released yet. The release you’re referring to is a weekly build, not the final version.

    This build of Opera 9.22 is still experimental and should be used with caution, just like all other weekly builds. I strongly urge you to update the content of this post.

  3. That’s why I haven’t wrote “final” :-)


    Already updated.

  4. Tell you what, DjiXas, when Tim Altman and Daniel Goldman both take the time to come here to your blog and post that you are mistaken on *anything* Opera-related, you don’t argue. Period.

  5. Dear Man,

    I agreed that I made a mistake where I didn’t wrote that it’s a weekly and can contain bugs. Already fixed that.

    However, this is version 9.2. when I click Help > About, it says:


    So that means it’s 9.22, right? But not the final, once they will release 9.22 for public, I will post: Opera 9.22 Final Released.

    I appreciate everyone time here, who is visiting my blog.

    Hope you understand.

    Have a Nice Day.