Opera 32 Dev Brings Animated Themes (Video)

By | June 19, 2015

Opera 32 Animated ThemesAnd other changes.

Today, Norwegian browser maker has released the very first Opera 32 build (Developer Preview) and it includes at least one interesting new feature: animated themes.

So what animated themes do is impose a looped video instead of a static background, which is displayed in Speed Dial, Bookmarks, Discover and pretty much every other page. However, while it does sound and look cool, animated backgrounds are really distracting and it’s probably not something that you will continue using. Here is a video demo for you:

As far as other changes go, Opera 32 will be able to sync passwords, also features a native Mac toolbar, Turbo v2 (optimized for the low end networks) and user interface refinements.

If you are running Opera 32 already, here is a link where you can grab a theme demoed in the video above.

Opera 32 Developer Preview

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