Opera 15 Final For Android Released

By | July 9, 2013

Opera 15 Final For Android ReleasedBased on Chromium 28.

If you were wondering whether or not Opera too will switch to the fast release cycle then here is a first hint. Approximately 6 weeks after releasing the final version of Opera 14, guys in Norway has just pushed the version 15 and we are not talking about the beta builds here.

Minus improved startup time and ability to download videos, you can now set download location for the files as well as open data from the external SD Card if available.

In addition to that, Opera claims various memory leak fixes as well as stability improvements and that’s not all, here is a complete list:

Opera 15 Final Changelog

– Based on Chromium 28
– Improved startup-time
– Download video. Possible to download video files that can be played in Opera
– Set download location (where your files are downloaded to)
– Improved tab-UI animations
– Opening files from external SD Card now possible
– New “open in private tab” context menu
– Cookie clearing mechanism improved
– Fix for bug causing Opera to be uninstalled from selected Samsung devices
– Memory leaks plugged and general stability improvements.

Opera 15 for Android

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  1. Rafael says:

    The forum topic includes the truly full changelog:

  2. Heath says:

    I’m kind of pissed by this, really. The original release of this browser was the biggest travesty I’d ever seen, and all it took them was 6 weeks to produce a semi-usable version? Then why didn’t they wait 6 weeks!? Their credibility nose dived and 6 weeks of development time was all it needed to distinguish from unusuable to fairly ok browser. Ugh.