Opera 12: 64-bit Builds Are Here

By | March 27, 2012

Opera 12: 64-bit Builds Are HereBrings out of process plugins to the masses.

Good news everyone, it looks like from now on, Opera will be publishing both 64 and 32 bit builds of their desktop web browser.

According to the blog post, the latest Opera 12 pre-beta build includes a support for HTML5 drag and drop, CSS3 animations and most importantly, the 64 bit build of Opera 12 has everyone’s requested feature: the out of process plugins.

However, as you might expect from pre-beta builds, it includes a couple of annoyances that are likely to be fixed in the future. For example, “Out of Process Plugins causing tab related freezes (mostly on startup)” and issues with Google+ when running Opera 12 x86-64 build.

Opera 12 pre-beta

[Thanks, Shane]

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  1. Erihgfhieut says:

    Am I able to run 64 bit adobe flash if I am running 64 bit Opera ?
    If yes, Do I need to uninstall 32 bit adobe flash player ?

  2. Shaketheababyass says:

    It seems version 12 is taking such a long time to release. I am anxious for it but I am glad they do not push out an update every week like some browsers.  I think Opera gets it ALL right to the best of their ability before final release.  I love Opera =)

    • Maxim says:

      Well it is understandable its taking this long and will probably take a while still for 12 to be released. They are including a ton of big features like HWA sand boxing for plug-ins 64-bit support not to mention all other improvements like HTML 5 CSS 3 etc. So don’t expect 12 to be released sooner than in a month or two.

  3. Armin says:

    Apart from being able to use more than 4 GB of RAM, what else is 64 bit good for? And Opera better make the address bar as good as Firefox’s if they want me to use their browser again.

    • apád anyád says:

      Read this one. They are talking about FF x64, but most advantages and disadvantages mentioned are generally true to all other browsers too, from IE to Opera.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is a fantastic release! Opera Next is now scoring 364 (up from 339 in 11.62) in HTML5Test with WebSockets enabled. HWA/WebGL is now quite stable for me. Still, I think Opera 12 will be a while. Normally they would have released a beta long ago. It’s been about half a year since the alpha release. Even though this wait is somewhat annoying, Opera 12 is going to be radical. 

    I suspect things we have yet to see in Opera 12 are upgrades to the extensions API, IndexedDB, CSS3 3D transforms, RSS/mail & extensions sync, minor speed dial improvements, and other miscellaneous HTML5 and CSS3 additions. Maybe even some more changes to the UI!