Opera 11.10 to Include Password Synchronization

By | March 6, 2011

Opera 11.10 to Include Password SynchronizationOur reader Mark has noticed an interesting piece of code in the latest Opera snapshot.


Although password manager synchronization is yet to be announced, it does not stop us from doing that now.

On the side note, recent Opera 11.10 builds also include: new internal pages styling, speed dial animation and zoom and more.

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  1. Tamil says:

    I saw it in Opera 11.10 build 2018 but it is not there in build 2020.

  2. maybe they noticed and therefore removed it? hmmm….

  3. Armin says:

    Seriously? I thought they would never include it due to security concerns. It’s a pity that LastPass managed to get there before them. I suppose both are equally trustworthy, though.

  4. ipristy says:

    The idea is great but still one master password that’s not digitally written on hard drive to be safe to works as vault. There is no, more or less safe, are you safe or not it’s no other way.

  5. Dirty-mikey says:

    hi let me just say i have been using firefox all my life. i have tryed oper web browser befora and didnt see any big deal in it. Now i have just tryed oper 11 first thing i will say if WOW it is fast. I think it is faster than google chrome. I am very impressed. I will be keeping this one for a while and giving it a good try out. from what i have first seen in speed and a few things i have checked out this will be my new web browser of choice. Thank you opera

  6. MrG says:

    I don’t think LastPass or Opera Password manager are anything to be concerned about. LastPass all the encryption is done on the browser side, everything is sent encrypted using a unique to you key, and it’s stored their end encrypted using that same unique key.

    Even if someone did get your data, it’s all encrypted, and they would have to get your PC to be able to read it (which is the same as regular local password managers work).