Opera 11.10 Final Bugs

By | April 15, 2011

After playing with Opera 11.10 for a few days I wanted to show you some of the most annoying bugs.

– Zoom Picture > Save (CTRL+Click) > Picture Scroll Feature Turns Itself On
– Payoneer.com Broken Menus
– Scroll Bar Appears in Some Text Select Fields
– Speed Dial Reloads After Restart

Since the “close button bug” is already reported, it was not included in the video.

Just like with the few previous major new builds, I believe that this release is rushed and shouldn’t have been labeled as the “Final” in the first place. But then again, maybe those things do not happen to other users and 11.10 is in fact as solid as rock.


Tiffany Brown from Opera Software was kind enough to explain pretty much all the mentioned bugs.

Speed Dial Reload bug:

I think what you’re seeing with Speed Dial has to do with changes we have made to that feature. It *appears* to reload, but doesn’t actually fetch new content unless you (or the site’s developers) have actually enabled automatic refreshing.


The issue is related to how Opera 11.10 is calculating the offset on that page. The fix is to use clientHeight if it is larger than offsetHeight. I will reach out to Payoneer’s development team. Sometimes things change between versions. Opera 11.10 reports offsetHeight correctly, but somehow the menu script on their site is not recognizing that.

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  1. Quest says:

    I don’t have those.

  2. web says:

    payoneer: can’t confirm, payoneer menus working at least at first attempt

    about 1 and 3, not sure how to test.. provide a link ?

  3. Celerone says:

    Better report those…

  4. Rydzor says:

    Those speeddial images are not reloading. they’re generated in higher resolution in order to look nice and it takes some time to load and resize them.

  5. mr.lutze says:

    1 – I already reported that some time ago
    2 – Confirmed, did you file a bug report?
    3 – Never happened to me, can you give specific example?
    4 – Not confirmed, that may only happen if you install stable version over unstable (for example beta)

    Overall those are hardly show stoppers especially since version 11.10 is big improvement that fix much more annoying things.

  6. Greg says:

    From my experience everything is alright but since 11.10 I couldn’t do this so im pretty sure its a bug probably only bug I encountered (I think)

    -Plixi.com cant save pictures

    http://i56.tinypic.com/27y07x4.png OPERA (no)

    http://i52.tinypic.com/10qkrgw.png CHROME (yes)

    http://i51.tinypic.com/i5t6oz.png IE9 (yes)

    http://i51.tinypic.com/155nj47.png FIREFOX (yes)

    I agree about Opera rushing sometimes. I never really understood there release plans.Its still one of the top browsers out there

  7. Anonymous says:

    Opera 11.10 is very decent for me. I don’t have any real showstoppers, and it’s a vast improvement over the already very decent Opera 11.01.

    Therefore it’s a release….
    As a software developer you have to be realistic, you can never fix everything, you have to put a peg in the ground and move on, wrapping up less serious bugs in future versions.

    Also, and this is also rather important, you don’t go off an fix a load of bugs in code that is about to be ripped out and replaced with new stuff just round the corner, thats a waste of resource. There is also dependancies, buts in a site rendering may already be known about, and fixed in a future core, a core than’s not ready for current consumption due to complex dependancies on other features.

  8. seji09 says:

    Go to Appearance and set icon size 90%.
    Than close any opened page and look at Closed tab button. Move mouse over it.
    That “jumpy” 90% -> 100% size its really annoying!!! Opera, why i should use only 100% skin size??

  9. Mikah says:

    [quote]Since the “close button bug” is already reported, it was not included in the video [/quote]

    I don’t think its a bug because you can easily remove the close button in preferences or modify the tab bar behavior in Appearance> toolbars to either wrap to multiple lines or show extender menu or view the tabs in the Window Panel. How many ways do you need to fix it ? keyboard shortcut to close a tab is Ctrl W.

    The zoom save mouse scroll happens after you save the picture, big deal how annoying can it be to just click the mouse to escape from the picture scroll bug.
    Payoneer.com Broken Menus : I can confirm that bug the biggest drawback of Opera is more sites don’t work in Opera, at least Opera has the right click context menu Open with
    Scroll Bar Appears in Some Text Select Fields: it happens but much better to have scroll bars than an incomplete list.
    Speed Dial Reloads After Restart: Reloads from cache, at the moment I have 102 speed dials takes about 4 seconds & I don’t have to wait before the speed dial loads before opening a site

  10. Cristian says:

    I don’t know why Opera has a loooot of bugs, and Chrome or Firefox almost doesn’t have anything in a final version.

    • meh says:

      Chrome and Firefox do have a lot of bugs in final versions. It’s just that Favbrowser decides to use this site for Opera bug reports for some reason.

  11. meh says:

    So one actual noticeable bug (unless the site is using browser sniffing) with some obscure site, and this means it’s rushed?

    You truly have a very weird perspective on things.

  12. Rafael says:

    1. Doesn’t happen for me.
    2. Who cares, maybe the problem is in the websiste.
    3. What? Who cares?
    4. Speed Dial doesn’t reaload it just load the thumbnail image files like before but they are bigger now and Opera added the loading icons.

    • 2. Are you suggesting then that Opera 11 engine was buggy (worked fine there) and was actually displaying menu when it shouldn’t have?

      As for who cares, not sure if serious.

      • Rafael says:

        Oops, sorry for the 2, now I get it worked before…
        But hey, that can be a possibility: there was a bug in the website menu programming, but Opera ignored it, now it interprets well and don’t ignore the bug what don’t let the menu to appear. It’s a *possibility*. :P

  13. DeoDomuique says:

    Version 11.10 should be the final 11. A ton of well known bugs when 11 released and still many in 11.10.

    I really don’t understand them. Hurry to catch up… Something… Seems so!

    But, O.K.! I know, many will call me “troll”. Maybe I’m, wouldn’t deny it and especially will not enter in an argument about.

  14. Ke_jm says:

    Actually, my feeling is that this release is not rushed. I had the ‘rushed’ feeling with previous releases, but not with this one. I don’t deny your issue list – didn’t even bother to verify them – but this release feels very finished and polished – in the way I use it, that is. No doubt, YMMV.

  15. Mmpietro says:

    On my Mac, Opera crashed a few times freezing the system (!!!). I went back to Firefox 4.

  16. dwbh says:

    Release Candidate 4.1 Monday, 11. April, 12:30
    Final Tuesday, 12. April, 06:00
    Releasing RC as a final Priceless :).

    • meh says:


      Do you understand the purpose of RCs?

      RC = Release Candidate. That means that it is a Candidate for Release. In other words, if nothing is found to prevent the release, an RC will be come the final version.

      Ignorance: Priceless.

      • NWBH says:

        You are smart Sir, 1 day is enough to find bugs :).

        Lets hope Windows 8 RC released today, tomorrow final and you going to buy that (Lets say you like to buy) ?

        • meh says:

          I’m sorry, but is my English that bad? Am I having trouble making myself clearly understood? Am I terrible at conveying a message?

          An RC is a Release Candidate.

          If a Release Candidate is found to not have any bugs that block the release, the RC becomes the final version.

          Several RCs were released, and in the last one they fixed something, and nothing else appeared. That means it’s ready for release.

          1 day to find bugs? Are you trolling or something? Did they have 4 RCs in a day? No. There was alpha testing, beta testing, and several RCs.

          I’m convinced now that it isn’t me that is the problem. It is you.

    • Rudi Visser says:

      That’s both the funniest and stupidest thing I’ve ever read!

  17. Can anyone confirm this bug:


    Click CTRL+Click

    Is this me, or picture becomes smaller?

    • Maarten Meuris says:

      Yep, seems to act weird.

      On a related note, I REALLY hate that auto-zoom-to-fit-screen it does for images. I haven’t found any way to disable it.

      Some more bugs:

      -I open a large image, and zooming commands don’t respond because I didn’t click the image first to zoom to full size (REALLY annoying).
      -Middle mouse click to scroll over an image doesn’t disable by clicking middle mouse button again. It disables the cursor, but it still scrolls. On the other hand, left clicking to disable the scrolling kicks in the zoom feature again.