Opera 10 Release Debuts with New Ad

By | September 1, 2009

Just as planned, Opera 10 Final has been released earlier today. Including fresh look and new features:

Auto update
Online spell check
Speed dial and mail improvements
Visual tabs
Better performance
… and more

Download Opera 10 Final.

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  1. Old Nick says:

    In the morning their servers feel pressure :) opera.com was unreachable.

    • f says:

      It it so EVERY time Opera releases anything. Servers go down,along with their reputation. And they want to handle Unite? LOL. Opera mini servers aren’t the same as the rest of opera’s infrastructure it seems. Bad press,again.

      • Thoe says:


        If the servers stay up it’s bad because Opera isn’t popular enough.

        If the servers struggle because of the massive traffic because people want Opera 10, that’s bad too!

        No matter what happens, it looks like Opera always does it wrong according to some people!

        Bad press? I haven’t seen any bad press on Opera 10 being this massively popular. All I’ve seen is your comment whining about Opera being popular. It’s a funny thing, that.

  2. somebody says:

    That ad looks like a rip off of the Office 2010 ad :) .

    • Golden Boy says:

      At least Office ad promotes product, no idea what this one does.

      • Chuck Monroe says:

        Agreed with Golden Boy! Unless you’re familiar with Unite, you’ll miss the allusion with the globe thing.

        The somebody above is right – the ad reminded me of something I had seen recently, so I thought maybe I had already seen the ad – but it was actually Office 2010. I hate when Opera ASA tries to look cool, I think it undersells the easy-to-laud qualities of their offerings :(

  3. Thoe says:

    I hope they aren’t going to run that ad on TV or something. I don’t really see the point. It’s clearly supposed to be a spoof, but it isn’t very funny nor informative.

  4. Eice says:

    Is Opera farking serious.

    Nowhere in the ad does it tell us what Opera is or what’s so great about it. It’s just a James Bond-esque clip designed to grab your attention with something completely unrelated, and disappoint and annoy people when they do go to http://www.opera.com and find out it’s nothing like what they’d been expecting at all.

    This ad is a whole load of utter fail.

    • nobody says:

      i have to agree with you, this ad is like 3 years too late, has no message and has nothing to do with opera. nothing.

      opera, hire some proper marketing specialists. do like you did with opera skin (nice) – hire fresh blood.

      and yes, it is hillarious that with EVERY SINGLE opera release their servers go down. in the days of cloud load balancing one would have predicted that it cant happen to big and experienced company (opera mini is a technological feat, regardles if i use it or not).

      but hey, it is yet another ‘we coludnt care less about our image’ opera move.

      • Thoe says:

        and yes, it is hillarious that with EVERY SINGLE opera release their servers go down

        As do Mozilla’s. But I guess it’s only bad if Opera does it :D

    • johnnysaucepn says:

      Serious? You looked at that and thought they might be being SERIOUS? Seems like you know little about Opera Software – the company that brought you ‘Bork Edition’, attempts to swim the Atlantic based on download numbers, and now the Adventures of Odd and Even!

      Opera is one company with a powerful business mind and an even more powerful sense of humour.

  5. Rafael says:

    That’s so good!
    (Mozilla servers go down with new releases too. [At least when I was using it…])

    • somebody says:

      Yeah i remember when Firefox had that Guinness record attempt during the launch of FF 3.0, their servers failed for a while too. I think its a common occurrence and definitely not unique to Opera.

  6. R S Chan says:

    I just do not see what the complaint is about. I think the Opera intro ad is wuite nice. People who do not try out Opera just do not know what they miss. I found out that Opera was the best internet browser several years ago. There is not anything since that changes my opinion. I especially like Opera’s whole page zoom feature which other browsers are still trying to catch up.

  7. farto says:

    Really bad video! reaaaally bad!