Opera 10 Beta Leaked Screenshot + Release Date?

By | June 2, 2009

Thanks to Daniel Hendrycks, I have found this via my.opera.com (Posted by: YeOK).

Opera 10 Beta Leaked Screenshot + Release Date
Opera 10 Beta: Visual Tabs

As from Opera twitter:
about 9 hours ago from web

This could indicate the release of Opera 10 Beta.


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  1. Golden Boy says:

    Looks like Pogo web browser, expect their tabs are in bottom


  2. This could be a mock-up though, very innovative. We will see how this pans out ;)

    • Foo says:

      Wait, what? Suddenly it’s innovative to take something from another browser (Pogo) or extension (Tab Preview, Tab Sidebar, Tab Scope) and just move it to another location?

    • Foo says:

      (Apparently I’m not allowed to post links anymore…)

      In what way is it innovative to clone something that has existed in another browser (Pogo) and multiple extensions (Tab Preview, Tab Scope, Tab Sidebar) for several years already?

    • Sjur says:

      By default, Opera displays tabs like tabs. But, if you want a preview, you can “drag it out” so that you have a up to 3×3 cm preview. The best feature in Opera 10 after Opera Unite is Opera Turbo, which enables you to surf up to four times faster!

  3. It does take a lot of your screen though.

  4. Foo says:

    The interesting question here is why they felt it necessary to paste the screenshot into paint and after that take a shot of it with a camera…

  5. MacStories says:

    great, can’t wait to test it. I’ve also talked about Opera 10 Beta on my blog here.