Opera 10 Beta 2 Released

By | July 16, 2009

Opera 10 Beta 2 Released
As expected, today Opera Software has released the second beta of Opera 10 web browser. Unlike Beta 1, this version does not include any new major features and focuses on various improvements and polishing instead.

The good news: instead of releasing RC, they have decided to maintain the quality and include one more Beta release.
The bad news: Opera Unite service was removed from this release.

Download Opera 10 Beta 2

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  1. somebody says:

    I think the reason Unite is not included is coz it still probably doesnt meet their Beta quality standards. Besides they have been having problems with the Proxy servers too. It will probably be there again in the next snapshot which is not a beta.

  2. cousin333 says:

    Can you tell me, where did you find that picture?

  3. cousin333 says:

    Can you tell me, where did you find that picture? :)

  4. mr.r says:

    There is already beta2 with Unite available.

    • cousin333 says:

      Betas are for the “masses” Unite is only in weeklies, and the new build you’re talking about is one of them, basically the public Beta 2 + the Unite.

    • somebody says:

      I think the build with Unite is not a beta but a snapshot. Seems like Unite is not upto Beta quality yet. Makes me wonder if there will be another beta with Unite included before the Release candidate.

  5. woOT says:

    They still have a ways to go it looks like…Can’t wait for the final release. :)