Opera 10.60 Final Released

By | July 1, 2010

Opera 10.60 Final Released
After 3 Release Candidate builds, Opera Software has just announced the availability of Opera 10.60 Final.

What’s New?
Opera 10.60 offers a couple of new features, such as: additional HTML5 elements support, Geolocation and WebM support, search suggestions for Bing and Wikipedia, up to 50% performance improvements (thanks to Presto 2.6.30 rendering engine), improved interface, stability and more.

Our reader Andylee has pointed out that Opera started to offer stable versions for NIX-systems as well.


Thanks to morphdreamer for the news tip.


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  1. Very nice, limited video though, there are more things under the hood after all. But well, maybe there is no time to name them all.
    Now waiting for next snapshot !! :P
    Wonder what it will be ??????
    Opera 11 ?? :P

  2. Žilvinas says:

    Firefox 4 Beta 1 released today also. :)

  3. Somebody says:

    Wow, the video is really nice, although it doesn’t talk about many of the features of Opera.

  4. amgadelsaiegh says:

    2 RC,s then final version in only 3 days ?! is this a JOKE ?
    even MICROSOFT don`t do it that fast

    • Golden Boys says:

      Same with 10.5, rushed, unstable

    • nvm says:

      Why would it be a joke? Opera has a fast development process. Nothing wrong with that.
      I love it how morons on a blog are trying to lecture Opera on software development.

  5. RSphotocreation says:

    I’m sad to see that Opera doesn’t work well with google documents, it sucks when you right click on a google document.

    • Well, basic functionality works very well for me. Anyway, post some description of the problem on myopera forum or comment 10.60 final blog post on opera desktop team blog.
      They will fix it soone or later. They fixed my bug (crash with multiple windows) recently, after about 3 months since first report, but it was quite rare. And well I’m happy its fixed.

      • RSphotocreation says:

        I don’t use Opera as my main browser I only use it with Turbo when I’m somewhere with a bad connection. I mainly use Chromium which the best of all browsers around here, so much faster than Opera or Chrome. I use a lot of Google Services on the web such as Gmail, Calendar, Notes, Google Documents, and Chromium handles all that very well, it’s fast, simple, and not buggy :) You should try it, you’ll see the difference.

        • Andylee says:

          You use a browser from Google to surf Google websites… and then you say it is not buggy? Of course it is not! Chrome/Chromium crashing on a Google application would be a desaster in my eyes.
          Compare it to Opera: if Opera is buggy on Opera.com, then I would call this a real problem ;)

  6. Andylee says:

    I am a real fan of Favbrowser, but this article is a mess, sorry.
    –Opera does not include HTML5 as a new feature. It uncludes additional HTML5 *elements* such as Web Workers and Offline Applications. No browser fully features HTML5, no Browser will feature full HTML5 from one version to the other. Opera had a lot of HTML5 before and now there are some more elements supported.
    –The rendering engine is 2.6.30, I think there already was some 2.6 in Opera 10.5, so this information would be important to be able to say *new*.
    –One VERY important information is missing: Opera is now offering stable versions for *NIX-systems again! this is the case after more than a year and really ought to be mentioned.
    Sorry for the harsh critics, but the more empathy you have for a website the more you can be disappointed (me: huge load of empathy for this website, now very disappointed)

    • Hey, thanks for that! I was checking http://www.opera.com/docs/changelogs/windows/1060/ and it said 2.6, so my bad for not checking other sources.

      Totally right on everything else :-) Modifying now.

      • Andylee says:

        Thanks for the fast response! I really LOVE this site here!
        as Cousin (below) explained, I wasn’t totally right about the Presto engine (means: 2.6 would have been moretheless correct, sorry for that).
        Í also have to say I am quite disappointed by this release (2 things: Facebook games and Font size in unused speed dials)

    • cousin333 says:

      Opera 10.5 had Presto 2.5, so Opera 10.6 has a new one: Presto 2.6. The funny is, that the end of the version numbering didn’t restart, so there was a 2.5.30 -> 2.6.30 change. It brought the new HTML5 elements and Geolocation, not to mention increased speed and stability. Opera will release new Presto releases more often than before (and with smaller developments of course).
      I agree with everything else you’ve said…

  7. Eric Hilton says:

    Very stable release!

    I to am surprised by Opera’s ability to release updates so quickly, but even more so I am surprised at how they actually GET IT RIGHT unlike the others.   


  8. web says:

    bench time!
    peacemaker, stable

  9. RSphotocreation says:

    Chromium is faster than the fastest:
    According to peacekeeper:
    Chromium: 6886
    Opera 10.60: 5878
    Chrome 5: 5650
    Firefox 3.6.6: 2592
    IE8: 758

  10. asfa says:

    In my PC Opera is better than Chromium  in the test Peacekeeper =P

  11. readfox says:

    I have pritty slow laprop, Compact with 2GHz Athalon 64. When I try to play the introductory video on Opera webside (that webM video) it was unstable with echo.
    I save that video on my HD and downloaded the latest VLC. I was able play that video with out any problem. Look like Opera 10.60 need better optimized codeck for webM video.

  12. Blind Freddie says:

    I find image display in the latest release for Windows very buggy when opening multiple tabs (as I regularly do). Sometimes images will display, sometimes not, and after a while all images just display as placeholders. The old version I found relatively stable for my limited uses.