Opera 10.60 Beta Hits the Streets

By | June 16, 2010 | 16 Comments

Opera 10.60 Beta Hits the Streets

Just few days after the recent Opera build, with improved HTML5 features support, Opera Software has released the very first beta of Opera 10.60 web browser.

Version 10.60 introduces speed improvements and few new features, such as:

Smarter Searching
More efficient search with new search suggestions feature (did not work).

HTML5 Features Support
Opera now supports WebM in HTML5 video: a high quality, free and open video format.
You can add location awareness to your web applications to expand the possibilities of what you can offer.
… and more

Download Opera 10.60 Beta.

Thanks to Ichann for the news tip.


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  • dxm

    Search suggestions in this build work only for Bing and Wikipedia

    • Tiago Sá

      Well, wikipedia, sure, now Bing? Seriously? :P Google is way better.

      • Ichann

        Becoming more and more like bing.
        New feature: change your home screen with a picture.

        • http://operaner.net Andylee

          This feature was added with 10.50, if I remember it right….

          • http://operaner.net Andylee

            Sorry, just figured out what you were referring to!
            I thought you were talking about the background image in the Speed Dial feature of Opera! sorry!

          • Ichann


      • http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael

        There will be Google suggestions in the final build………
        Can’t you wait??? It’s a beta build, you will test the suggestions in Wikipedia and Yandex (it must be the default ones) and if it works will be implemented for the rest of search engines…

    • Ichann

      It also works with something else, but I forget.
      (Yandex or something)

      • http://operaner.net Andylee

        you are right, it’s yandex.
        And also I am a google-only user (if it comes to search engines), I do encourage all efforts to draw market dominance from google as they are getting WAY too powerful. Don’t know whether this is intended or not.

  • Foo

    Still no File API or Drag n’ Drop?

    • Ichann

      Ilve never really used the drag and drop thing. (As I hide my desktop icons or unwilling to open corresponding folders) but I can see how it can benefit others.
      The file API you mention, is it related to Drag in drop (dragging files from say explorer to the browser for a particular online service?) can you elaborate please.

      • Foo

        Drag n’ drop isn’t only for dragging things from outside the browser. It also works with dragging items inside the browser, for example re-ordering a list, and dragging object from the browser to the desktop.
        It is for reading files in general and accessing meta data about them. At the most basic level it allows for client side validation and pre-processing of files that are selected for upload. The source is “generic” it could for example be the  drag n’ drop API or a form element.
        It also opens up for more reliable wholly client-side applications to be created.
        There’s also a proposed extension to the File API for writing files.

        • Ichann

          Right. Ahhh. Thanks.

  • nvm

    Beta already?

    • Ichann

      Atleast it isnt a major version with every tiny revision.

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