Opera 10.50 RC Released

By | February 28, 2010

Opera 10.50 RC ReleasedIt appears that Opera is really pushing for Opera 10.50 Final release (more on that in the upcoming article), as Opera 10.50 RC has been just released, few days after Beta 2; and just like Beta 2, this build is Windows only release.

Besides bug fixes and continuous stabilization, release candidate received a new feature, which allows to seek through video that is not yet completelly downloaded.

Windows MSI / Windows Classic

Thanks to MarkG for news tip.


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  1. Rafael says:

    I’m using it as standard browser! ^^
    PS: Pay attention, when installing the default folder is an update to the final 10.10.

  2. Ċ½ilvinas says:

    Firstly they should fix their stupid Opera Link. Which don’t work as good as they say. I can’t even delete old synchronized bookmarks’ folders – it only makes a mess, and there is no other proper way to sync bookmarks. All in all, this versions of Opera is realy good not only how it looks, but also how it works. Fast and good. But Chrome 5 Beta seems to be faster.

    • nvm says:

      Unfortunately Opera beats even the latest Chrome 5 nightlies at speed at the moment, but I have a feeling the Google guys will speed fast Opera again soon.

      • Ċ½ilvinas says:

        Opera 10.5 in my pc in PeaceKeeper scores 4200, while Google Chrome 5 Beta 4400. :)

        • DonkeyKong says:

          Click on the graph, and look at the details. If you add the
          Complex graphics, Opera will beat Chrome by a good margin. Because IE is not supporting complex graphics this value is excluded from the total sum.

  3. pneumatyka says:

    It really loads websites extremely fast, faster then latest betas and alphas. At least for me. I’m amazed. With certain pages I won’t make it to release [Enter] key, and page is already loaded :P

  4. MarkG says:

    RC2 out: http://snapshot.opera.com/windows/Opera_1050_3292_in.exe

    A couple of crashers fixed, some javascript engine tweaks, and a small speed boost (it’s a little bit quicker still for over RC1).

    It’s looking REALLY sweet. Hopefully over the next couple of days they will iron out the handful of remaining quirks and get a really solid browser out for the start (or thereabouts) of the EU Browser Choice.

    I believe the BrowserChoice is a staged rollout anyway. it’s not like everyone in Europe is going to get it 9;AM Tommorrow morning!!!

  5. Fernando823 says:

    RC3 now!!!! they are ON FIRE!!!

  6. BrowserTest says:

    I have been very impressed by Opera 10 and even more so with Opera 10.5. I have personally switched, using IE8 for MS/MSDN sites etc. And Opera for my daily browsing, I find it fast and stable, my only problem has been on a couple of flash sites, but nothing serious. But what amazes me most is quickly Firefox is falling behind, or what feels like it anyway.

  7. moo says:

    Yep, RC2/3 is sure FAAAST. But I prefer the post RC1 build 3290 skin. Think they’re rushing this release for the browser ballot thing tomorrow though. Although it’s pretty stable, there’s a lot of little rough edge type bugs.

    But for sure, 10.5 is probably Opera’s biggest release for years. New engine, new JS, new chrome, lots of new features, new GUI library and removal of QT. Private browsing etc. etc..

    Basically I am loving it. Just hope that some of the little JS and site compatibility issues are ironed out. It’s good for me, but I’m not sure about all the sites out there.


  8. Somebody says:

    Have been using it for a few hours now. I think it is ready for prime time more or less. It is amazing how much work the developers at Opera have put in such a short time. So far, the latest RC has been flawless. This will probably be the same version that will be released as the final. Congrats Opera.

  9. VladdNS says:

    RC4 is out!!

  10. ON_1 says:

    Damn, I’ve managed to miss all these. Holidays with no Internet could be dangerous LOL

  11. Bemused says:

    Looks like Opera are being smart and not releasing a final in time for the ballot screen, instead taking the time to iron out bugs. They might still change their mind though, there is enough time. RC4 is very quick and quite polished.

  12. Bemused says:

    RC5 out

  13. nvm says:

    Chrome 5 has nearly caught up with Opera 10.5’s speed already. Opera had fun while it lasted, I guess!

    • Daniel says:

      You’re right, Opera will be neutral and not increase Carakan’s speed at all and let Chrome be the winner. *sarcasm*

  14. Somebody says:

    I think the RC5 will be the final. They have put the final on the FTP servers already. Seems like we will have an announcement of the final today. It’s the same build as the RC5:

    • nobody says:

      and the point still stands:


      “Long-time Opera users are excited to see their favorite product back in the hunt for browser supremacy, and there’s no doubt that this hunt has improved the product significantly. But the rough edges will be the first edges that newcomers to Opera see this week — folks who haven’t even heard of Opera Software, will be trying it for the first time. Those hotfixes, if they’re in the works, had better come quickly.”

      and i personaly can only add: opera will NEVER have any supremacy without proper developer tools. expecting developers to do this tedious work of supporting yet another browser without any incentive is stupid.