OmniWeb 5.8 Released

By | September 27, 2008

OmniWeb 5.8 ReleasedOne of the shareware web browsers for Mac OS X has just received an update which includes new version of WebKit, few bug fixes and minor interface changes.

What’s new in this release?

This release is primarily an update to the version of WebKit in use by OmniWeb. OmniWeb is now based on the same WebKit in use by Safari 3.1. This includes the latest security patches and features included with Safari 3.1.x such as downloadable fonts, CSS Animation, HTML 5 media tags and client side database storage.

When using Leopard’s Spaces, OmniWeb will no longer switch spaces when entering a URL or creating a new workspace.
Added support for non-POSIX file URLs, improving compatibility with Dreamweaver and other Carbon and Classic apps.

Polished up the toolbar icons.
Google Chrome is now included in the list of user agents.

Download OmniWeb 5.8
Download OmniWeb 5.8 (English-only)

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