Oh Sweet!.. Wait, What Year Is This?

By | December 10, 2010

Oh Sweet!.. Wait, What Year Is This?

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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded FavBrowser.com. Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. iPoesc says:

    WTF? *Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off*?!!!
    2 reboots??? Lol…

  2. Matthew says:

    What can I say? About time?

    Pretty darn slow — when will they upgrade to IE8, in October 2015?

    You DO know… the latest Microsoft browser is IE8, NOT IE7, right?

    • mabdul says:

      IE8 or IE7 doesn’t matter. IE7 has very less problems in contrast to IE6! IE8 improved the rendering engine – of course – a lot, but not it really doesn’t matter if ie8 or ie7 isn’t installed. The thing is: this company is finally updating. that is really god. I do think this company has replaced their old IE6 tools and the last NT4/2k pcs were shut down / updated…

  3. Andylee says:

    hey, at least they do the update…. better late than never ;-)

    always look on the bright side :)

  4. Andylee says:

    ah yes, and IE 7 is a BIG improvement over IE 6 :)

    • iPoesc says:

      Yeah, you can download Firefox even more comfortably…:)

      • Andylee says:

        sure, you can also download opera, chrome, IE 8, IE 9 beta, flock, whatsoever.

        They are just not going to do that. Let’s just be happy that they are no longer using IE 6.

  5. daddylo says:

    Install Opera, no reboot required …..

  6. AY says:

    Laugh all you will, but we still use IE6 on several computers in our organization. One of these web based software we use does not support on anything but IE6 (it might work on IE7,8 but it is not supported). This is the reality of corporations around the globe.

  7. Matthew says:

    That’s some crappy software if it requires IE 6.0. I’d be ashamed to have written such junk.