Octane JavaScript Benchmark Scores

By | August 27, 2012

Octane JavaScript Benchmark ScoresAs if there weren’t enough JavaScript benchmarks, the search giant has recently revealed a new one and it’s called “Octane”.

Why? According to Google, they wanted to create something that combines full, unaltered and well-known web applications and libraries.

Here are the initial results (higher is better):

Chrome 21: 8517
Safari 6: 6007
Firefox 14: 5351
Opera 12: 3330

As shocking as it is, Google Chrome is the leader in its own benchmark.

[Thanks, Hiram]

[Via WebMonkey]

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  1. Hiram says:

    Firefox 17NB(IonMonkey) is actually less than a quarter behind.

  2. rndomguy says:

    Opera needs to tweak its javascript engine(carakan) to beat GC at their own benchmark
    but then again its google so we all know its bias.

  3. Martin Suchan says:

    IE10 in Windows 8 x64 RTM, no virtual machine – crash, just to complete your numbers :)

    • Guest says:

      IE10 didn’t crash for me, if possible check the stack trace – you might find which 3rd party application causes this crash.

  4. Meh these are bullshit >.<

  5. Guest says:

    Enough of JavaScript performance testing… I want more end-to-end testing. In today’s world all browsers are fast enough for JavaScript performance. JavaScript is just one of the major component in browser, I want to cover other components too.

  6. riff raff says:

    Chrome is Gawd

  7. apád anyád says:


    When we compare Bullet compiled by Mandreel with Bullet compiled by
    Emscripten – I made a benchmark of that a while back, it’s available
    here – then on my MacBook pro, Chrome is 1.5x slower than Firefox on the
    Emscripten version (that is, Chrome takes 1.5 times as long to execute
    in this case), but 1.5x faster on the Mandreel version that Google chose
    to include in Octane (that is, Chrome receives a score 1.5 times larger
    in this case).