“Occupy Flash” Movement Desires Death Of Flash

By | November 23, 2011

"Occupy Flash" Movement Desires Death Of Flash

A small group of website and mobile app developers recently started off an “Occupy Flash” campaign in the hope of putting an end to Adobe’s popular browser plug-in.

The group, which launched a website earlier this week, said its goal was to “Get the world to uninstall the Flash Player plug-in from their desktop browsers.”

Flash Player is dead. Its time has passed. It’s buggy. It crashes a lot. It requires constant security updates. It’s a fossil, left over from the era of closed standards and unilateral corporate control of Web technology. – The Occupy Flash site

No Occupy Flash members were identified, saying “We decided not to make this about us, but about Flash Player.” One representative stressed, however, that none of the handful of site and app developers behind the movement worked for an Adobe competitor.

The Web is an open place, and we’re for open standards and for what is in the best interest of our users.  HTML5 has already won the fight for the future of our Web browsing. – An Occupy Flash representative

The group, which is four or five strong, is composed of developers based on the West coast of the US. The occupyflash.org domain was registered on Nov. 11, two days after Adobe’s announcement of the demise of Flash on mobile platforms.

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  1. Mikah says:

    “Flash Player is dead. Its time has passed.”
    Very funny Flash is installed on just about every PC because so many sites use it.

    • Ligmfdgmdflk says:

      with no flash player you can only view youtube, i watch series and other shows online, they use flash player.. those guys are stupid, html5 will become the standard.. when its done .. around 2014, but for now they need to shut the fuck up, because they are annoying me

  2. daPhyre says:

    Great movement!

    I love flash games, maybe too much to simply uninstall Flash, but I give my total support to the movement of asking no-flash webpages, and as a Webdeveloper, to use all the other technologies available in orther to stop Flash quicker…

    The last question remains… What will be of companies with Flash-based games?

  3. Rafael says:

    I don’t like that they copied the name of a truly important real world movement into this.

      • Rafael says:

        Seriously? ***Occupy Wall Street***

        • TiRANiD says:

          Yep, I didn’t know. Thanks.

          • Rafael says:

            Ok. It’s highly recommended to get info about this. I mean, to ask why the movement is occurring.

          • TiRANiD says:

            I’ve just read about it…

            “The protests are against social and economic inequality, high unemployment, greed, as well as corruption, and the undue influence of corporations…”

            Come on now… This won’t lead anywhere… These protesters are living on dreams. Let’s be the realists, guys.

            Instead of sitting there for days and nights they need to start doing something. And by saying “doing” I mean exactly “doing”. For example, start building a money-free society. This idea isn’t completely crazy.

          • Rafael says:

            It’s a good point, I don’t see how just occupying a place can change something in that way either.

            I don’t know how they could start a money-free society on the current state of the world. On the “borders” of this new little society there would aways be a relation with someone who is still in the “money society”. I mean, if they need a specific food or remedy they can’t produce themselves they would need to get it from the current “money society” of the outside, and as this thing would come from the work of someone who is paid for the job (or pays someone to do it), ultimately making part of a private propriety of the current world the money-free society would still be part of the game, failing. I have read this was one of the big points that made socialism to fail (as URSS and others were dependent on USA and its supporters – as they’re economically superior – United States, by making war, successfully stopped the domino effect).

            Hmm. I think there must be enough people to create a completely independent society that works for free and be able make the switch… Like, the whole world! :P

            Haha, and we didn’t start yet defining the laws of this society nor the way it’d be governed…

          • TiRANiD says:

            Yeah, this won’t be an easy task to build a money-free society. But there’s a lot of speculations about it in the web.

            And I watched an interview with one guy who already made a project which works “on the paper”. Sorry, couldn’t remember the guy’s name, but the whole thing was about the free energy sources like hydrothermal, solar, tidal waves. If the governments chose to use these free energy sources ONLY, we wouldn’t have to pay for it.

            But there is no government on this Earth that will agree to do it, because they need a “tool” to control us, as citizens. So money actually is this “tool”… Sad, isn’t it?

          • Rafael says:

            It’s sad… It’s pure greediness.

            The renewable energy resources are interesting. But you may be mentioning only part of the plan perhaps? Because energy isn’t everything.

            The Web, the telecommunications devices, they’re great tools to assist us in making the world better. ^^

          • TiRANiD says:

            Yeah, the whole plan is about changing the world into a better place.

            But we all know – money is evil. :) We need to get rid of the money first.

            I’m sure the future generations, that’ll live in about 300 years from now, will be like “Damn, those guys in 2011 still had such a thing as ‘Money’… Wait, they had all the sources of free energy that we have now, and they didn’t bother to use them?.. Were they dumb or what?? :D

          • “But we all know – money is evil. :) We need to get rid of the money first.”
            Heavy regulations (like those seen in Scandinavian countries) seem to do the trick and reduce exploitation. No need to throw out money.

          • Rafael says:

            Haha, I hope you’re right. 300 years from now would be awesome (thinking on how it could be farther).

          • Mikah says:

            ” United States, by making war, successfully stopped the domino effect.”
            That’s a crock of shit. What was to become the Vietcong fought against the Japanese in the second World War .
            “American President Roosevelt and General Stilwell privately made it adamantly clear that the French were not to reacquire French Indochina (modern day Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) after the war was over. Roosevelt offered Chiang Kai-shek the entire region of Indochina to be put under Chinese rule. It was said that Chiang Kai-shek replied: “Under no circumstances!”
            The Vietnamese were fighting for Independence from France, America should have been aiding them  not fighting them.
            America lost the Vietnamese War in 1975 & both  Cambodia & Laos became communist the same year.
            According to the Domino theory Thailand & Malaysia should have gone communist too.
            Perhaps if Cambodia & Laos had not been destabilized by the Vietnam war they would have not gone communist.


          • Rafael says:

            I was referring to the cold war. I linked the article just to illustrate the meaning of the term.

          • Mikah says:

            You said ” United States, by making war, successfully stopped the domino effect).”
            The two wars America fought in the Cold War were Korea & Vietnam.
            I visited the link, the very first line is,
            “The domino theory was a reason for war during the 1950s to 1980s, promoted at times by the government of the United States, that speculated that if one state in a region came under the influence of communism, then the surrounding countries would follow in a domino effect. The domino theory was used by successive United States administrations during the Cold War to clarify the need for American intervention around the world.”
            There was a nice little picture to the right of some domino’s toppling.
            China first knocking over Korea which then knocks over Vietnam ( even though the only border Korea has is with China, its on a peninsula & is over 2,000 miles away from Vietnam ).

            After Vietnam fell neighboring countries Laos & Cambodia fell mainly due to the Americans invading them during the war.

            Soon after becoming president, Richard Nixon gave permission for the bombing of Cambodia. In an effort to avoid international protest at this action, it was decided to keep information about these bombing raids hidden. Pilots were sworn to secrecy and their ‘operational logs’ were falsified.

            The bombing failed to destroy the NLF bases and so in April, 1970, Nixon decided to send in troops to finish off the job. The invasion of Cambodia provoked a wave of demonstrations in the United States and in one of these, four students were killed when National guardsmen opened fire at Kent State University. In the days that followed, 450 colleges closed in protest against the killings.

            The arrival of US marines in Cambodia also created hostility amongst the local population. The Cambodian communist movement, the Khmer Rouge, had received little support from the peasants before the United States invasion. Now they were in a position to appeal to their nationalist sentiments and claimed that Cambodia was about to be taken over by the United States. During 1970 and 1971, membership of the Khmer Rouge grew rapidly.

            Laos, another country bordering Vietnam, was also invaded by US troops. As with Cambodia, this action increased the support for the communists (Pathet Lao) and by 1973, they controlled most of the country.”

            The domino theory was the reason for America fighting but it was a lousy reason.

          • Rafael says:

            Of course it was a lousy reason, the USA just needed a stupid reason to make the dumb soldiers go there and attack.

            I’m sorry about linking the Wikipedia article. I was just referring to the thing I read (in Portuguese) about why socialism failed, and it was explained that it was because of the lack of a “domino effect” that would make the whole world socialist (not only starting from URSS and expanding to other countries but also by US becoming socialist), which we saw US succeed to stop / didn’t agree – *. I used this to illustrate the possible creation of a society would only work if there was a mass adoption because any sight of a free-money society having a relation with a money society would make them still part of the money society.

            * – Not to mention that the socialism implemented in URSS and in China as of today for example isn’t the socialism originally thought of, (I don’t have enough knowledge on this though, because I never read an original socialism book, but it just look like it’d work better) and have corruption, etc.

          • Mikah says:

            “to make the dumb soldiers go there and attack.”
            Most were not volunteers they were drafted & faced a prison sentence if they refused to go.
            The dumb ones were the politicians.
            “The Cold War was primarily a clash of beliefs – Communism versus Capitalism.”
            Did Capitalism really win the cold war ?

          • Rafael says:

            “Did Capitalism really win the cold war?”
            Loved that!

            Sorry about the dumb soldiers, but some are this way. I feel bad with the obliged militarism!

  4. TiRANiD says:

    Well, we will get rid of the Flash Player, but not very soon. Anyway, it’s good that “the wave is rising”.

  5. After visiting the Occupy Flash site, I decided to disable Flash.