New Opera 9.5 Build Receives An Advanced Tabs Activation Feature

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New Opera 9.5 Build Receives An Advanced Tabs Activation FeatureToday’s Opera build introduced a well known feature, which can already be found on: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and probably few others, not so well known web browsers. This new feature allows Opera users to control tabs behavior when closing them. If you will open the following settings window: Preferences > Advanced > Tabs
It’s easy to notice the following options to choose from:

Activate the last active (default)
Activate the tab to the right
Active the first tab opened from closing tab

Please note, this is NOT a final release, make sure you check the changelog first:

Known Issues

  • Plug-ins crash Opera on UNIX/Linux.
  • Some plugins on Mac don’t work at all.
  • Format selector when saving pages is broken.
  • Opera will not fetch more than 50 new IMAP messages in one go – you’ll need to reset the account to get more.
  • Inline find stops working after entering one letter (using Ctrl/Cmd+F still works as expected).
  • Advanced tab activation currently does not work on Mac or UNIX/Linux.
  • Changelog

  • Added a new preference in Preferences > Advanced > Tabs which controls which tab to activate when closing a tab.
  • Fixed crash when composing mail with empty signature
  • Fixed crash when emptying history and VPS was disabled
    css3 :target now works on targets identified using name attribute
  • New spatnav highlighting, similar to the one used in Opera Mini 4 and the Wii browser
    iframes with content editable are now in the tabbing order (Another gmail 2 fix)
  • 64-bit: Again possible to open (image) attachments in mail
  • Some more improvement to fast forward.
  • Opera Link now works better when using Work offline
  • Again possible to open links from widgets
  • UNIX: Drag and drop now works properly in the ION window manager
  • Download Opera 9.5 for Windows (Build 9789)
    Download Opera 9.5 for Windows (Classic Installer) (Build 9789)
    Download Opera 9.5 for Macintosh (Build 4648)
    Download Opera 9.5 for UNIX (Build 1800)

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      Finally.. I took long time to import advanced Tabs behavior managment.. One hot topic for forums gone..

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