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By | January 8, 2008

Firefox MarketingThere’s a video which should do some kind of marketing I guess (and it really does):

So according to that video, Firefox users compared to IE users are:

14% less likely to have sleeping disorders
67% more likely to go mountain biking
40% less likely to be widowed
53% more likely to go hiking
60% more likely to drink microbrew beer
51% less likely to be an Accountant
26% more likely to have gone to a live concert
26% more likely to have seen live music
45% more likely to have gone on a date
36% more likely to play extreme sports
76% more likely to have watched a foreign film
21% more likely to have an espresso
14% more likely to enjoy power weightlifting
34% more likely to participate in snow sports
6% more likely to practice yoga
113% more likely to be a student
139% more likely to go rock climbing
17% more likely to be self-employed
16% less likely to have fungal infections
41% more likely to have watched a documentary
36% more likely to participate in extreme sports
69% more likely to be in the Arts & Entertainment industry

More information from their web page:

21% less likely to be a sales representative or agent at their current place of business.
45% more likely to have gone on vacation in San Francisco within the last 2 years.
33% less likely to live with others suffering from high cholesterol. Huh?
6% less likely to have eaten any meal at Chick-fil-A within the last 7 days.
24% less likely to live with others suffering from heart disease. Huh?
66% more likely to have viewed or listened to audio or video about politics or public affairs news within the last 30 day.
89% more likely to have purchased database software for work in the last year.
38% less likely to live with others suffering from breast cancer. Huh?

Statistics on their web page – just wrong. What they were thinking? Is this funny or what?

EDIT: After website and video “launch” it was said, that they were not finished yet. Although I still don’t get it, if it’s not finished, why do they keep information about cancer and other diseases there?

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Comments (3)

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  1. Dashiznxt says:

    Umm, I would say most of the dating,hiking,seeing live conert ones, are all bullshit.

    Most people that do that kind of shit only use the PC to go on their myspace or facebook or to see videos on YouTube, or maybe to download some music.

    They don’t know what Firefox or Opera is, and most of them stick with Internet Explorer because that’s all they know.

    The people that use Opera, or Firefox, or Maxthon obviously spend a lot of time on the computer and are in fact LESS likely to go hiking or see a concert, or any of the other obvious ones.

    And yes I am one of those people that spends lots of time on the net and I use Opera.

    -Just had to let it out.

  2. werwolf says:

    This stupid campagne could help Opera a bit. I hope users will recognize, how stupid MoFu is.

  3. Timothy says:

    It seems like a poor attempt to portray Firefox in a positive light. From what I understand you are more likely to have sleeping disorder with Firefox.

    The Opera Web Group’s Admin