Netscape Navigator Leaves Web Browsers Industry

By | December 29, 2007

Netscape Navigator Dead SkullSeems everyone is talking about that right now. You got it right. According to the article (posted in Netscape blog), after February 1’st, AOL won’t be developing any further Netscape Navigator releases. The browser will be left on its own fate. Eh… Remember old times?

Netscape Navigator Dead
Netscape Navigator Market Share

It was the world’s most popular web browser and now its over. Internet Explorer will be next? I bet it will, I bet it will. If Microsoft will continue to use same “logic” while developing IE, someday you might see similar topic like this, just about Internet Explorer.

As for now, most of the current Netscape Navigator users will probably switch to Firefox and increase its market share.

That’s it. Check Netscape Navigator at Wikipedia if you want to remember old times.

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  1. werwolf says:

    I don’t see the year 2007 in the graph. It seem to be nonsence.

  2. It’s from Wikipedia.

  3. Scott says:

    …. 2007 is on the far right

    There’s no chance IE’s shares will drop that low as long as it’s bundled with Windows and most people consider it their internet icon.

  4. Well… More and more people now know about web browsers alternatives, will see in the future I guess and after IE8 will see what are thgeir plans: use same strategy or bring something “special” and remake IE once and for all.

  5. werwolf says:

    IE7 is now free without checking the legacy of XP-licence :) But it is even worse than IE6. I don’t think every release of IE can be a major one:

    6, 7, 8 …

  6. leroykeeney says:

    netscape navigator was the very best! no other compaired……..