Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 2 – Impressions

By | July 14, 2007

Yesterday I’ve tried Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 2.

I was thinking to write much more about this web browser, but after using it for a while, it really makes not much point to do that. Why? Well… Let me begin then.

Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 2 Screenshot

I’ve launched Netscape Navigator Beta 2 and thought that its interface is not very good as I don’t like green color, but it’s just me.

The more I used it, the more I felt it’s actually a Firefox (yes, I know that this browser is Firefox based, but that’s not the main point).

Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 2 Screenshot

I actually see even no point to use this browser, unless you are hardly using Usually when I am trying new browser I want some new features which makes that browser special and my favorite one, and Netscape Navigator is just another Firefox clone.

If you like Firefox, use Firefox, if you don’t like Firefox, you won’t like Netscape Navigator 9 too. If you are using very often, try it, you might actually like Netscape Navigator more than any other browser.

Not really much to say I guess.

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  1. jim says:

    are you *badword* or something???? you don’t like the colour???? change the *badword* colour then *badword*….. oh and by the way firefox is based on netscape’s source code NOT the other way around you *badword*

  2. Ic.

    Are you a fan of Netscape?

    I don’t like color, so what can I do now? I am reviewing it, not you, so when you will be reviewing, you may write: I like color.

    But I DON’T like it. Can I DON’T like color? Or I should love everything?

    Regarding firefox is based on netscape source code… Well I was searching now and found only this:

    Tuesday November 30th, 2004
    By Alex Bishop for MozillaZine The Netscape Browser prototype is based on Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3. Netscape are very careful to use the term ‘prototype’ as opposed to ‘beta’ but the FAQ for the release suggests that they anticipate a shipping product based on the technology to launch in 2005. On Windows XP (the prototype is available for Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP), the user-agent string is ‘Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7) Gecko/20041122 Firefox/0.5.6+’. We’re not sure where they got the ‘0.5.6+’ from or why ‘Netscape’ isn’t included.

    Netscape on Wednesday confirmed an earlier report that it planned to release a new browser based on the Mozilla code.

    If ff would be based on netscape, why the … netscape writes firefox in “about”?

    You should accept this review or not, but no need to use all that badwords, they won’t change anything.

  3. cousin333 says:

    Hardly means “not very often” in this case (this is a “-ly” exception), I guess, you use it wrong.

    Anyway, I coudn’t agree more. While Netscape 8 was bloated and strange (layout, colors), it had its own “personality” with nice functions. Netscape 9 has nothing, actually it really looks, feels and works like Firefox. So bad for a long-time-running, once-so-popular browser…

  4. Mario says:

    Well, Firefox IS based on Netscape’s source code. Actually, Mozilla was OWNED by Netscape more or less. Firefox owes it’s existence to Netscape, who cut them loose, gave them money, and allowed them to continue browser development using the Netscape source code.

  5. Jay Patel says:

    Safari is the best browser on the Earth to Internet Excess from my opinion. I says to all to download “Safari Browser” and install on your Computer and surf internet. Good Night………….