My day with Opera Mini Dimension Beta

By | June 22, 2007

As you know or not, Opera is running a competition called “A day with Opera Mini”.

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OK, so I’ve charged my mobile phone a bit and launched Opera Mini Dimension Beta.

Firstly I thought about writing everything in my blog via Opera Mini, but looks like it’s not yet compatible with WordPress. I was unable to publish or save drafts, got time out error all the time and also, some problems with lower and upper case letters, I was actually writing “some text”, but Opera Mini 4 always changed it to “Some Text”.
So here’s it is. I’ve decided not to use PC while I am surfing web pages. Will be using Opera Mini all time. I will try to prove that it can be fun to use. So far found 3 bugs only plus sometimes I keep getting “Error” when loading url.
OK, So it’s midnight now and I am still surfing using Opera Mini, since all my day work already done, I am “Googling” for Opera Mini news  Some are really funny and made my day. Not much to do I guess… I am pretty happy with Opera Mini, just would like some bugs to be fixed.
Here’s a list of the bugs I found:

1. Can’t do stuff in WordPress admin area.
2. Somehow I see no images.
3. Problems with text typing (noticed in WordPress only).
4. When posting a comment, it just “reloads” page (but typed text and name stays) so I have to do click it second time.
5. Wasn’t been able to zoom out in and couldn’t see any cursor.
6. Sometimes when I re-loaded page, wasn’t been able to zoom it out.
7. when tried to navigate via quick navigation, after selected a category, page re-loaded.
8. Error
9. Some problems with Quick Login (IPB Forums system).
10. Cookies problems, even I marked “remember me”, it never did that (old version did).
11. “Check Box” component seems not works, I check it, and Opera Mini starts to load something…

I don’t know basically what I had to write there, but I think such contests are being made for bugs hunt. I really can do almost all the things I want (will be able to do anything after final release) with new Opera Mini, really love it. So give me my phone now ;-)
I also wish to have an ability to see URL once “mouse over” on URL and so on… Ok so it’s 3:40 AM, my phone just died and I am going to sleep now. Bit tired I guess…

In the next morning many people told me that I am crazy, not only because I went sleep so late/early, but because I did that for Opera Mini. That’s cool. If helping everyone to enjoy better web browsing makes me crazy, let it be!

Glad I didn’t forget to save this text. I did all what I could to explore as many bugs as I could. The fact is fact:

Yes, you can and you will enjoy a full web browsing with Opera Mini Dimension.

Opera Team should promote this contest harder.

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  1. MWESIGWA ERUS says:

    Opera mini is very good browser.I used to have it on my Nokia 3310 and I would
    surf well the net,but after attaining a cect 8810 mobile, I cant get any thing.
    So, please,experts,could you help me attain opera on to this phone ?

    thank you very much.

  2. promise says:

    pls,i have already downloaded opera mini 4.2 on nokia 3110c but i can not open it.why?is there any otherthing that i have not done.
    thanks a lot