Multi Process Firefox Demonstrated

By | June 22, 2009

Chris Pitchin has posted a video which demonstrates Firefox multi process feature.

As he explains: there are two Firefox programs running instead of one: Firefox itself, and gecko-iframe. The second program is new: it’s drawing the web pages to the screen. When I kill -9 this gecko-iframe, the “tab” containing To the non-geeky, invoking kill -9 on a program causes it to crash IMMEDIATELY. Notice that only the “content” disappears when the page crashes; the user interface itself keeps running as if nothing happened.

cjones also wrote:

We don’t even have a guess for when this will be releasable. However, we’ll likely have limited-function, bleeding-edge development builds available “soon,” maybe in a few months. We’d love to have your help, even if it’s limited to pre-alpha testing!

Thanks to Nox for sending this.


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  1. Foo says:

    More info about project Electrolysis:

    The team is on track to the targeted mid-July release of a very early implementation that should do exactly this. Electrolysis uses the IPC message-passing and setup code from Chromium (the open source code base for Chrome) which, like Internet Explorer 8 have a multi-process architecture.

    From Mozilla Links: