Mozilla: No Firefox For iOS

By | March 13, 2013

Shatters your dreams.

Mozilla: No Firefox For iOSIf you’ve been hoping to see Firefox on iPhone or iPad then we have some bad news for you, according to Mozilla, the open source organization currently has no plans to create a Firefox version for iOS, at least until Apple changes its policy.

Currently, iOS developers are forced to use Apple’s UIWebView component and they have no access to a far superior, Nitro rendering engine, therefore, Mozilla sees no point to release a peace of software that is limited in an artificial way..

Back in 2012, the open source organization has revealed “Junior”, a WebKit based web browser for iPad and whether or not it too was canned, we can only guess.

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  1. Conroy says:

    cool cuz iphone and ipad and all the other ishit sux anyways and only douches use it

    • iPhoneiPadMacBookProUser says:

      A ‘very well-reasoned’ point of view of an average typical dimwit.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      How could people use Android. Android has lag and input lag. Can’t you people even recognize that? iOS is 10 years ahead of Android. Oh if think you can’t do anything on iOS. Then you have no idea what your even talking about. Ever heard of Jailbreak?

  2. Rafael says:

    That’s OK because what we’re really hoping is that iOS die altogether.

  3. IE User says:

    Its ok, Chrome is there.

    Mozilla will die or dilute because of Chrome.

    • Przemysław Lib says:

      Chrome USER INTERFACE is there. Chrome as Web Browser IS NOT THERE.

      Just Safari with face of Chrome…

      Mozilla do not want to make another Safari clone.

  4. Przemysław Lib says:

    W3C require 2 independent implementation for any given proposition before it become offical recommendation (meanting web standard).

    All those Web Browsers on iOS counts as ONE.

  5. James says:

    Glad to hear that Mozilla is not joining the band wagon. It would have done more harm than good by promoting the Safari/WebKit mono-culture. IOS is a joke imo. Any non apple software is treated as a second-class citizen and forced to play in a sub-par sand-box. This just re-enforces the fact that, in an open environment, Apple really cant compete. IOS is just IE6 all over again; only difference is that Apple markets their garbage really well.