Mozilla Firebug 1.2 Released

By | August 26, 2008

Mozilla Firebug 1.2 ReleasedGood news from the web developers. Firebug 1.2 Final is now released and can be downloaded here. As you may find out from the changelog, there were plenty of changes made.

What was changed?

== Enablement UI ==
* Disable always: when the Firebug UI is not active on any page, the debugger is disabled (minimal overhead)
* Instant on: when the Firebug UI is active, HTML, CSS, DOM views activate (minimal overhead)
* Script panel user-activation: initially disabled or enabled always
* Net panel user-activiation: initially disabled or enabled always
* Console panel user-activation: initially disabled or enabled always. Controls ShowXMLHTTPRequest, consoleListener
* Bug Icon gray unless some page has Script or Net panel activation
* Multipanel enablement.
* No Allowed-sites/Disable for Site: no longer needed.
* Suspend/Resume Firebug in status bar context menu
* List pages that enable Firebug on the Context menu tooltip.
The UI for this feature is being refined; overhead tests have not been completed.
We are interested in feedback on this UI change.

== Javascript Debugging ==
* Written/cleaned up eval support
* Performance on eval better, easier to support.
This feature is complete; Bug reports on javascript debugger welcome.

== Net Panel ==
* Net timing more accurate
* Only real network requests displayed.
* Limit for number of requests (configurable in preferences).
* Additional columns for: request method, status response + text
* Cache tab has expiration time in Net panel
* The Response tab has a hack to prevent extra requests to the server. Users must click on a button to force the request.
The hack will not be needed in the next release of Firebug.

== Console ==
* Redesigned to use events/attribute passing.
tests/console/joes-original/test.html mostly passes

== Command Line ==
* Redesigned to avoid using evalInSandbox.
tests/console/commandLineObjects.html mostly passes
commandLineAPI functions, ok.

== DOM Panel ==
Works for FF3pre after about 2008041406 (

== Misc ==
Secure updates via signed update.rdf with xpi updateHash values.

== Localization ==
* Hu-hu by Zoltan Papp (issue 749)

And tons of the bug fixes.

Mozilla Firebug or Opera Dragonfly, what’s your choise?


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