Mozilla Drops Google in Firefox 3.1 and Tries Yandex

By | January 11, 2009

It looks like Mozilla is trying some other players as well. As for now, Firefox default search engine for Russian language users will be Yandex instead of everyone’s beloved Google.

According to research studies conducted by TNS, FOM, and Comcon, Yandex is the largest resource and largest search engine in Russian Internet, based on the audience size and internet penetration.

The closest competitors of Yandex in the Russian market are Rambler and Although services like Google and Yahoo! are also used by Russian users and have Russian interfaces, Google has about 21-27% of search engines generated traffic to Russian sites and Yandex has around 44%.

As it was said by lockshot: all this activity led us to the conclusion that our Russian users really wanted direct access to the Yandex search services in official Firefox RU builds.

Market Share Source: Wikipedia


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  1. Sérgio says:

    Effects of Google chrome competition?

  2. Tiago Sá says:

    Doubt it. Besides, if Mozilla “lost” google’s cooperation, it would be google’s loss, not mozilla’s.

  3. I don’t think that will be any one’s loss. As both Google and Mozilla are good. So both of them need to move on together. People use Google in Mozilla and download Mozilla from Google’s search page…