Mozilla Cancels The 64 Bit Version of Firefox For Windows

By | November 22, 2012 | 9 Comments

Mozilla Cancels The 64 Bit Version of Firefox For WindowsOS X and Linux builds development to continue.

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for the official 64 bit Firefox release for Windows then grab some pills as Mozilla has just announced the plans to halt its development.

Why would they do that? According to Mozilla’s Benjamin Smedberg, they got things to do. As stated in the discussion board, crashes submitted by those using the 64 bit version of Firefox are treated as a second class citizens and are not actually tagged as a high priority reports. Why? Well, as he says, “because we are working on other things.”.

In addition to that, he blames a lack of plugins for the 64 bit version of Windows (hint: Java and Flash do work fine) and their developers inability to implement things like windowproc hooking, resulting in less than stable builds.

Thankfully, there are web browsers that utilize the 64 bit architecture: Internet Explorer and Opera. And in case the x86-64 support is a must, then you are better off using one of the mentioned alternatives.

[Via: TheNextWeb]

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  • Przemysław Lib

    It also leave WaterFox.

    Unofficial FF for 64bits.

    • qwert

      and Palemoon

  • Tiago Sá

    About damn time. It’s just not worth the effort at this stage.

  • Hector Macias Ayala

    Never released, and now cancelled, pfff.

  • Ichann

    Too ambitious like their other projects. Cancel the jetpack, the OS and just do the browser.

  • Yousef Alemiem

    they need to develop it for linux at the first place not windows

    • Naterz

      They need to ignore the platform with 90% marketshare and focus on the one with like 1%.
      Great strategy.
      Where do you people get this B.S. from.
      I was just looking for an alternate browser for my Windows 8 Notebook and I’m going Opera cause I noticed when I downloaded it it was an x64 version, and Turbo is useful for when you’re on a slow Wi-Fi Hotspot.

    • Dangermouse

      64 bit Firefox has been available on linux for a long time. Its usually in the distribution’s repositories, but it’s also available here:

  • Rangel

    That was a surprise for me, mainly by the efforts we see about the end of 32-bit era, Microsoft announced that the Windows 9 will lack 32-bit version, they said they will release only 64-bit and a new 128-bit version of the Windows 9. i really don’t think that give up of the 64-bit is a good choice at all…