Mozilla Aims To Improve Your Experience

By | May 28, 2012

Mozilla Aims To Improve Your ExperienceLaunches more “Are We” web sites.

As you might know, Mozilla has a couple of sites that help users to tracks Firefox’s progress, such as: (for design improvements), (for bug countdown) and (for performance tracking).

Now, it looks like the open source organization will be extending its portfolio with a couple more gems, those include:, which, as the name suggests, tracks the continuous evolution of the mobile web, although if you look at its source code, it’s pretty nasty.

Mozilla Aims To Improve Your Experience

The second site,, is probably one of the most interesting ones as it tracks the overall memory usage and prevents Mozilla from shipping the final build of Firefox with some serious regressions.

Mozilla Aims To Improve Your Experience

Lastly,, which is yet to be launched, will probably track the overall responsiveness of the UI and that is certainly a very welcome addition.

With all those sites in sight, do you think that other companies should follow Mozilla’s lead and help their users track the overall progress as well?

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  1. Are we mobile yet is simply a photoshop/illustrator generated site, that’s why the code is naff. The idea though is that the info is linked to live bugs in bugzilla so it is meant to inform you about that progress rather than having to scan bugzilla. It was done in an hour or so by a designer.

  2. Yoyo says:

    I like FF than I like Chromium browser or IE .. the problem is they do not play this game like they did before Chrome came to the game … they go war with Chrome …… too many version numbers  not many new features, just like Chrome  ……

    Just be FF not second version of something else  …..

    Opera is just being Opera, now doing 64 bit (at it is damn buggy :((  ….. I do hope FF 64 bit come before Opera and Chrome because currently …. FF is struggling and need an ego boost …. btw I not meant to offend any browsers :)).

    • Armin says:

      Try Waterfox if you want 64 bit Firefox.

      • apád anyád says:

        I am getting tired of this 64bit bitching. Can any of you name more than 3 advantages and disadvantages of getting a 64bit browser? Or all of you cry only to get rid of that little *32 from the Task Manager?

        • Ichann says:

          No advantage as of yet.

          Their site says: “64-Bit computing is the future! Any 64-Bit user will notice an instant increase in performance, but that is not the only advantage such as multi-tasking and improved stress handling.”

          Which is hogwash.

        • Armin says:

          I ain’t doing no bitching, dawg. I am just suggesting it, especially as I have noticed Waterfox running smoother and quicker than Firefox for me.

  3. Ichann says:

    Are we Original Yet?

    Are we less bitchy Yet?

    • jayjam says:


      • Ichann says:

        Yes. The head of Mozilla always complains.

        • jayjam says:

          If no one complained, there would be no progress. Someone has to stand up and point out the problems.

          • Ichann says:

            I’m sorry. But being the only browser company complaining about this and that company bEcause they have nothing better to do is bitching. They are not complaining because the sole purpose of progress, no sir. They are doing so due to them feeling left behind

          • jayjam says:

            Companies “complain” all the time.

            Just now Google complained to competition authorities over antitrust concerns with Microsoft+Nokia. A while ago Microsoft filed antitrust complaints against Google.

            Apple keeps filing lawsuits and complaining that everyone else is ripping them off.

            Good luck finding an organization or company that does not complain.

            I’m guessing you are simply biased against Mozilla and therefore make a big deal of their complaints while ignoring everyone elses. That’s hypocrisy.

          • Ichann says:

            Relevant to browsers how?

            I never said companies do not complain. Mine was relevant to Browsers whereas yours……

            It is just that Mozilla seem to be more vocal than the rest of the browser makers.

            And you. You are getting really old. Since when was an observation regarded as bias?

            I aint the one btching.

            Please get off your high horse.