Mozilla Abandons The 18 Week Firefox Release Schedule

By | July 8, 2015

 Mozilla Abandons The 18 Week Firefox Release SchedulePromises to ship fixes to users in minutes.

With Microsoft finishing Windows 10 later this week and releasing it globally at the end of this month, it looks like Mozilla is too working hard on a Windows 10 specific version of Firefox, which (according to them) is coming out soon.

What is more interesting however is the fact that the company has decided to abandon its “18-week development” plan and instead, focus on shortening the time it takes for new Firefox features to reach the users. On a message board, Mozilla’s Dave Camp has stated that “today [code deployment] isn’t done on an 18-week cycle. We think there are big wins to be had in shortening the time that new features reaches users. Critical fixes should ship to users in minutes, not days.”

In addition to that, it was revealed that Mozilla will also be moving away from its XUL (XML User Interface Languag) and XBL (XML Bindings Language), which is their own, XML based language for building user interface and various applications (such as Firefox). However, the discussions are still in very early stages and there are no additional details that are known, at least for now.


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  1. tiagos says:

    Firefox’s problem is precisely the rate at which they change things and implement features. They started losing market share right after they implemented the rapid release cycle.

    It figures.

  2. Deyirn Skysand says:

    I’ve given up on FireFox a long time ago, the developers don’t even know what they are doing anymore. They start making a mobile OS, then a Windows 10 version of FireFox and then the regular FireFox has no x64 support, even PaleMoon will be switching from Gecko to a new engine. There are a handful of browsers that are performing way better. Right now I’m using Opera, but I’m waiting for Vivaldi to shape up a bit more so I can migrate to it.