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By | June 14, 2009

With all the hype building around Opera Software, there are hundreds of comments all over the internet, guessing what it will be. While some of speculations include: new widgets platform, cloud computing related technology, etc. there is one which makes more sense than any other (at least in my point of view):

Mike (@mydigitalself) (at TechCrunch)
“If you take a step back and look at the evolution of the social web, our content is fast becoming an integral part of the web, and our content is stored on devices – mainly laptops and phones.

Now imagine that your device, rather than being a consumer of the web and having to explicitly push data up to the web, becomes PART OF the web.

I think that Opera may just create a P2P web that easily allows you to share your content with anyone or on any site. Your device effectively becomes a web site.”

Any other ideas?

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  1. youpitu says:

    freedom comme libre..
    open source ?

    • tomass says:

      I don’t think so:
      1. what would that change about the web?
      2. they’ve said several times that open-sourcing Opera was impossible due to legal problems with their partners…

  2. rocco says:

    We start our little story with the invention of the modern day computer.
    Over the years, the computers grew in numbers, and the next natural step in the evolution was to connect them together. To share things.
    But as these little networks grew, some computers gained more power than the rest and called themselves servers …

  3. technuts says:

    Could it be something similar to


  4. They are going to turn it off and replace it with an intricate global system of paper cups, string and kindles.

    It’s reinvented so often in not even sure what’s being reinvented now.

  5. xzzz says:

    Opera Launch Opera Unite..
    just open

  6. ps says:

    Yeah, it is something like Direct Connect of late 90’ies, but with web browser access.

    I fail to see any practical implementation.

    And BTW, if Opera guarantees that this is safe, secure etc. then how on Earth they couldnt make Extension API that is just as safe but many times more usefull?