More Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Details (Screenshot)

By | March 5, 2008

Internet Explorer 8While we’re waiting for Microsoft to talk more about upcoming Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) release and its features, more and more new features “lists” are being published. Here’s a screenshot for you to check (fake or not).

As you can see here, IE8 now highlights a domain name to reduce a risk of being scammed by fake web sites.
There are few other improvements as well, for example: search box and bookmarking.

Internet Explorer 8 IE8 Screenshots
Click on the picture to enlarge.

While we can’t tell a lot about new Internet Explorer 8 features by looking at this screenshot (fake or not), it’s not so long to wait…

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  1. Andrés Ruiz Pérez says:

    Hi foks, if you want to try IE8, download the beta from:

  2. werwolf says:

    How can somebody use this? Bellow the addressbar there is only chaos, Placement of menu is just stupid. Unbelievable.

  3. Torbjørn Lunde says:

    I have to agree with werefolf here. The changes from IE7 are not exactly improvements. (Why have the Favorites on top of the tabs?). And they’ve still got refresh and stop button miles away from the back/forward button where they are supposed to be. I have to use IE7 at work because of the intranet we use here and I can’t stand having to move my mouse all that way each time. (I’m running 1920×1200 and I prettymuch always have my windows completely expanded.)

    Having the domain highlighted might be a good idea though!