More Internet Explorer 12 Details Revealed

By | September 16, 2014

More Internet Explorer 12 Details RevealedWe might see the reveal on the 30th of September.

After the recent IE12 features leak, where we learned that Microsoft is working on a new user interface and proper extensions support, here’s what one of the software giant’s insiders, Mary Jo Foley, had to say:

– Internet Explorer 12 is codenamed Spartan

– Microsoft job posts mention Spartan where they look for a software development engineer for a new “Bing app linking and task completion team” where it focuses on “discovering and indexing services on the web and within native apps,” and “understanding the intents of services as actions”.

– IE12 extensions could use Microsoft’s Research XAX browser plugin model, which “enables developers to leverage existing tools, libraries, and entire programs to deliver feature-rich applications on the web”. Also, “Xax employs a novel combination of mechanisms that collectively provide security, OS-independence, performance, and support for legacy code.”

That’s all for now.

[Via: ZDNet]

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  1. Flavoi says:

    Good luck IE developers!