More Edge For Windows 10 Mobile Details Leak

By | June 25, 2015

More Edge For Windows 10 Mobile Details LeakIncludes one of the most requested changes ever.

Recently, we have reported about some of the changes that have been made to the Microsoft Edge web browser for the desktop and now we have prepared a (slightly smaller) list of new features and improvements that were noticed in the most recent Windows 10 Mobile builds.

First in the list is Edge’s ability to download files in the background and according to some rumors, the download progress might even be visible in the notification center.

Then there is a new option allowing to set Edge to either Mobile or the Desktop user agent.

Lastly, the change that pretty much everyone has been waiting for: the address bar is finally at the bottom of the screen (again), exactly where it should have been from the start!

More Edge For Windows 10 Mobile Details Leak

And in case you are curious about the version number, the latest known one for Edge Mobile is 19.10149.0.0 (up from previously known 16.10136.0.0).


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