Mobile Google Chrome Surpasses The 30% Market Share Mark

By | May 12, 2015

Just recently, we have revealed that Google Chrome has crossed the 25% market share mark on the desktop and now it looks like the search giant has even more things to celebrate. As it turns out, over the course of last month, Google Chrome on mobile has too reached a new milestone and surpassed the 30% mark, up by 2.28 points, from 27.78% to 30.06% and is as close to overtaking Safari as ever.

And speaking of Safari, Apple’s web browser has seen a 3.14 points decrease, down from 42.63% to 39.49%

Next is Android Browser, which is nearing the 20% mark, now up by healthy 3.58 points, from 14.72% to 18.30%.

Opera Mini on the other hand is going down and have since dropped by another 1.58 point, from 7.84% to 6.26%.

Lastly, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, down by 0.49 point, from 2.54% to 2.05%.

That’s all for now, folks.

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