Microsoft Updates Its IE Roadmap Page

By | September 22, 2014

Microsoft Updates It's IE Roadmap PageShows more features in development.

With the recent goal to be more transparent when it comes to the Internet Explorer development, the software giant has announced a new set of updates and here’s what they are currently working on:

Math Built-ins (ES6)
Number Built-ins (ES6)
String Built-ins (ES6)
Object Built-ins (ES6)
RegExp Built-ins (ES6)
Classes (ES6)
Template Strings (ES6)
dppx Unit for resolution Media Query
DOM Event Constructors
WAV Audio Support
Meta Referrer

In addition to that, Microsoft is also currently considering:

WeakSet (ES6)
Spread (ES6)
Tail Calls (ES6)
Subclassing (ES6)
Modules (ES6)
Clipboard API

If will be interesting to see if any of these features will make it to the Windows 9 Preview Build.

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