Microsoft to Launch Silverlight 3 on July 10

By | May 29, 2009

Silverlight 3 Final
Picture Source: NeoWin

As per information from press invites, Microsoft is planning to launch Silverlight 3 and Expression Studio 3 on July 10.

Silverlight 3 introduces over 50 new features, such as: H.264 video support, MP4, ACC, 3D and GPU hardware acceleration support, major application development improvements and many more.

Although the following release was not expected to see the day of the light until later this year, apparently Microsoft has already finished what they had planned and is going to release it earlier than expected.

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  1. FataL says:

    And I still don’t have Silverlight installed. :P
    And I don’t see why I would…

  2. nobody says:

    you dont, because it doesnt work in opera, am i right?

    it is the same as with SVG – some people (mainly opera users and some hardcore geeks) claim that it is a saviour of the web, some think the same about silverlight.

    both are not widespread, both need some recognition.

    svg isnt needed, just because flash/SL can do everything better and with BETTER TOOLS. and svg is SLOW.

    silverlight is a closed standard from world’ most hated company. but it has so many advantages over flash, that it really deserves a credit, and some companies know the power – it is a way to make intranets really usefull – our company built shareable desktop like application to ease the burden of working on many documents at once in corpo network. it was a breeze to implement it – due to excelent and free tools.

    compared to classic sharepoint it is a milestone. dont dissmis technology just because it isnt ‘open’, it doesnt matter a bit. if you are so orthodox – drop your car, drop your bike (it has patented parts), throw away your fridge etc.

  3. I hope Silverlight has official support for Opera when 3 comes out.

    • I hope so too.

      Agreed with nobody. Silverlight is a right step in good direction. However, I don’t use Silverlight as well, the main reason is really simple: the only site I visit, which requires some sort of this technology is YouTube. If they would replace flash with Silverlight, I’d probably drop flash then and use Silverlight only.

      Of course, with more and more stuff popping out in Silverlight form, I’d consider installing it.