Microsoft Releases Silverlight 3 and it Looks Pretty

By | July 10, 2009

Introducing more than 50 new features, Microsoft Silverlight 3 Final has been released. With lots of improvements in many areas, H.264 video support, MP4, ACC, 3D and GPU hardware acceleration support and many more, Adobe should be really worried.

Flash vs Silverlight

In the recent benchmark between Silverlight 3 and Flash, Ryan Rea said: “Silverlight not only had lower CPU usage, but it also used the four cores more uniformly.”

To answer Opera users question: no, Opera is still listed under “not supported” browsers.

If you would like to experience the awesomeness of this release, head over to the following page for the 720P+ video.


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  1. nobody says:

    it is a damn last moment for opera to do something about silverlight compatibility. it is opera’ netscape plugin implementation that is guilty, not ‘browser sniffing’ like some fanboys say.

    opera. do. something. about. it.


    • heyp says:

      Silverlight compatibility problems are because of browser sniffing. It’s up to Microsoft to fix it.

      Not that Silverlight matters anyway. It will never become popular. No reason to waste time on dead ends like Silverlight.

      • Silverlight 2 reached 100 million downloads within 4 weeks since it’s launch.

        • Daniel Hendrycks says:


          Opera has recently spent a lot of time making it’s code even more plug-in friendly. Silverlight works fine for me it is just the sites that sniff where Silverlight doesn’t work. Quit trolling, it is more so Microsoft’s fault than Opera’s.

          • nobody says:

            fact speek for themselves – you can mask (with rewritting proxy) opera COMPLETELY as firefox or IE and opera still fails with silverlight. or turn it off if you know how to code..

            opera implementation of NTPlugin architecture is DIFFERENT from all others – Opera did it more strict and paranoid, and that DIDNT CHANGE in recent 10 yrs or so. safari, chrome etc non-tested browsers work 100% ok, because they use the same NTP architecture as firefox and IE. opera ‘knows best’ and fails.

            browser sniffing is a mild problem that can be deactivated – go download yourself visual studio expres with silverlight toolkit and try it yourself – it CAN be turned off, and it doesnt help opera a bit. ergo – it is opera’ fault.

            silverlight DOES NOT WORK in opera! it displays images, but ignores keyboard inputs, some mouse inputs and crashes if you click on it too fast(oh my!) in opera. sorry, if you call it ‘working’ then i know who buys cars with 3 wheels..

          • Daniel Hendrycks says:

            Hmm, it works fine for me, I played many Silverlight games yesterday just because they are Silverlight apps.
            Yes, Opera is much much more strict, but if Micro$oft said they’d work with Opera to implement Silverlight Opera would work with them.

          • nobody says:

            ‘a lot of work’..

            i’ll wait for ‘a lot of results’, thank you.

            because results are what matters. and opera certainly doesnt deliver results when it comes to silverlight.

            want to crash silverlight? just run their main demo page and try (because it doesnt work normaly) launch one of case studies.

            btw – this page – – and opera – 100% cpu drain (on an i7 machine!!) or crash, choose your way.

          • Daniel Hendrycks says:

            Wait are you expecting? Silverlight to work perfectly? I haven’t had any problems but do you expect the plug-in to work perfectly with all sites? No, it isn’t even officially supported.

            Bye :)

          • nobody says:

            it is YOU who have said that it works fine.

            if your standards are so low, that by ‘works fine’ you mean ‘constant crashes on every site’ then ok, youll have happy life, because everything is ok with such standards.

            mine are a bit higher, and i expect a product to work 99% of the time.

            opera did lots of work? if so, then they are incopetent and theyve wasted a lot of work, because results arent there. silverlight DOES NOT WORK in opera. yet it works in almost everything else, and it is not opera’ fault? sorry, but you are naive or believe in world wide anti opera conspiracy.

        • weird says:

          @Vyg: “Silverlight 2 reached 100 million downloads within 4 weeks since it’s launch.”

          Downloads don’t mean sh*t.

          As for this “nobody” guy, why does he keep obsessing over Opera? He spends all day and all night bashing it. Maybe it’s time to move out of your parents’ basement…

          • Fo says:

            The weird guy is back and he’s complaining about people living in his mothers basement again!

            … and it looks like he’s either afraid that his parents should notice what he writes if he spells things out completely, or he just can’t spell for shit!

            (So, how is my impression of weird guy? Comments, rating?)

          • peep says:

            Why are you always obsessing over Opera, “Fo”? If you and this “nobody” guy hate it so much, why not simply ignore it?

          • Foo says:

            Obsessing? Taking 3-5seconds of my time to write a comment on a blog is obsessing??
            I also don’t see how giving feedback is equal to hate… the only thing I hate are some of the anal fanboys, nothing else.

  2. nobody says:

    btw. it has a multiprocesor support? then it beats flash hands down..

  3. snack says:

    Look at Vyg just glowing over Microsoft. How much did MS pay you to always defend and praise them?

  4. Ben says:

    Silverdyke outpaces Flasher. Whoop-de-do.

    How about putting all that effort into IE web standards and supporting open formats.