Microsoft Prepares for Internet Explorer 8 Push

By | April 13, 2009

IE Blog reports that Microsoft will start pushing Internet Explorer 8 via automatic update to IE6 and IE7 users on about third week of April.

As you might guess, this will result in Internet Explorer 8 market share increase and hopefully IE6 decrease.

It should be also noted that IE8 won’t be installed automatically, users will do have a choice, indeed.

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  1. John says:

    Is it just me or do you guys find IE8 to be over-hyped? I’ve tried it for about a week now and I don’t feel anything worthwhile has been improved. I find it still has the same lag opening new tabs (compared to other browsers) and it doesn’t offer any significant changes that make me want to use it over any other browser. To me, every browser has it’s own advantages and disadvantages but IE8 is all about little mods. From my experience using IE8, I feel the changes were all low priority changes. I don’t see what was done to make IE8 a ‘next-generation’ browser. If IE8 is just Microsoft’s next-generation browser, rather than a next generation browser in itself, then they should discontinue IE.
    If IE7 was Firefox, IE8 would be the equivalent of installing a few add-ons, like coloured tabs.

    Some pages that rendered fine in IE7 don’t render fine in IE8 compatibility mode.
    Also, I’m using IE8 Final.

    Anyone feel the same?

  2. Rudradeep says:

    huh! i am on pirated (i do not mean unregistered, i mean cracked) Win XP SP2. i keep auto update off ‘coz i am on limited bandwidth ISP. and I use only Opera, maybe sometimes Firefox, but IE is just for a 1 site, which needs ActiveX. read my story on . IE8 hangs up 2 open that site,and i m back to IE 7 again !

  3. Tom says:

    I prefer IE8 over IE7 and Firefox 2 over Firefox 3.

  4. Morbus says:

    I think IE8 is really worth using, for those who don’t care for extensions and full customization. It’s an awesome browser by all standards, works correctly according to web standards (well, most of them, anyway, about as much as Firefox 1.5 our Firefox 2) and feels really fast and is very stable. It IS Internet Explorer though, so those of you who feel that deep hatred for the brand, well, those won’t use it. I hate IE, I think microsoft should either redesign trident completely or go for something else, gecko 2.0 preferably (ahah), but that doesn’t stop me from seeing how good a job they actually did this time.

    I haven’t said it before, and this seems as good a place as any to do it so here it is: congrats Microsoft for IE8! But do keep it up, next I want to see full acid3 compatibility and addons and whatnot. Just…

    keep it up.