Microsoft: Google Bypasses Internet Explorer’s Security As Well

By | February 21, 2012

Microsoft: Google Bypasses Internet Explorer's Security As WellEverybody panic!

Just few days ago, Google has been accused of using a loophole in Apple’s Safari web browser, which allowed the search giant to track users by storing unwanted cookies.

Well, today Microsoft has published a report, stating that Google bypassed Internet Explorer’s privacy settings as well.

However, don’t panic yet as this threat has been blown out of proportion. How so? Well, check the Google’s response below and you’ll understand.

Microsoft omitted important information from its blog post today.

Microsoft uses a “self-declaration” protocol (known as “P3P”) dating from 2002 under which Microsoft asks websites to represent their privacy practices in machine-readable form. It is well known – including by Microsoft – that it is impractical to comply with Microsoft’s request while providing modern web functionality. We have been open about our approach, as have many other websites.

Today the Microsoft policy is widely non-operational. A 2010 research report indicated that over 11,000 websites were not issuing valid P3P policies as requested by Microsoft.

Which one is next? Opera or Firefox?

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    It’s well know that Firefox has no security holes whatsoever.

  2. Mikah says:

    Despite removing google update  from my list of programs that run on Startup I kept getting warning’s from Comodo that it was attempting to run.
    I’ve removed Chrome & will stick to Chromium from now on.

    • Armin says:

      Call me a noob, but I have never figured out how to get Chromium on Windows, as the page always directs me to Chrome instead.

      • Mikah says:

        You posted the same question a week ago in a Maxthon thread.
        “Thats what Google search is for, search ” download chromium ” without the quotes. I did have the snapshots bookmarked but the links never seem to last for more than a couple of weeks.…Chromium is a portable & comes zipped so extract it to a folder & either make a short cut to it or pin it to the task bar.”

  3. Mikah says:

    If you use Opera it has a problem displaying the folders on the Chromium site.

  4. Agent J says:

    Google Botnet at it again. I’ve already uninstalled their bad browser, and they’re still trying to track people.

  5. Jackn says:

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  6. Opera users:

    Its available for every other browser, but search for it.

    After installing this I could once and for all tell google analytics and facebook connect: kiss my very ass!!