Microsoft Edge Will Be Coming To The Xbox One, Extensions Is A Priority

By | September 16, 2015

Microsoft Edge Will Be Coming To Xbox One, Extensions Is A PriorityAnd few other bits…

Today, Microsoft’s Edge team has hosted another AMA on Twitter, resulting in some new (yet expect) information.

For example: a long time ago the software giant has confirmed that Xbox One will receive Windows 10 later this year and unsurprisingly, today they have also confirmed that Microsoft Edge will be included as well.

When asked about extensions, it was revealed that it is a priority for Microsoft and that they are still working on it, no ETA yet though.

As far as other bits go, “Save target as” is coming in future builds, as well as DLNA streaming and swipe to go back gestures. However, if you were hoping to see a full screen browsing support anytime soon, be prepared for a disappointment as it’s somewhere in the “backlog” of all the feature requests and what not.

[Via: Twitter]

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