Microsoft Edge To Receive Tab Previews

By | September 14, 2015

Microsoft Edge To Receive Tab PreviewsHopefully, extensions are not far away too.

As we all wait for the next Windows 10 Insider Preview, during Ignire keynote at New Zealand, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore has accidentally revealed one of the upcoming Edge features: tab previews.

How exactly did this happen? During the event, Joe was simply demoing Cortana and the way it enhances your searches when he accidentally moved mouse on one of the tabs, resulting in a thumbnail preview picture. While ignoring at first, Belfiore later did state that “there’s one other thing in the Edge browser that I mistakenly revealed as I was doing this [showcasing Cortana on Edge] is a small feature we have not shown anyone yet but is coming to our Insider builds really soon and that is this tab preview feature,”

The good news? It’s coming soon. The bad news? No one knows when. As sometimes Microsoft’s “soon” may last quarters.

[Via: Winbeta]

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  1. LAMBDA471 says:

    I noticed that the FavBrowser logo is comprised of browser logos, but now, there are Maxthon and Vivaldi, maybe you should consider updating it?