Microsoft: Edge Is Blazing Fast

By | July 16, 2015

Microsoft: Edge Is Blazing FastWith the announcement of Windows 10 RTM, the software giant has also revealed more details about some of the OS specifics and their software.

One of such mentions was about Microsoft Edge, which has also been promoted to the stable build. If you were reading FavBrowser for quite some time, then you should remember that we also published early Edge benchmarks where it dominated everyone (including Google Chrome) on their own benchmarks.

In case you are wondering if these claims are still valid then good news, as Microsoft has now shared that Edge is still #1 on WebKit’s Sunspider, Google’s Octane and Apple’s JetStream benchmarks. By how much exactly?

– On WebKit Sunspider, Edge is 112% faster than Chrome
– On Google Octane, Edge is 11% faster than Chrome
– On Apple JetStream, Edge is 37% faster than Chrome

With Windows 10 coming to everyone at the end of this month, we are super excited to run the benchmarks of our own. Are you?

[Via: Microsoft]

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  1. Deyirn Skysand says:

    I can’t wait for July 29th to get my free Windows 10 upgrade and check this browser out. Something deep inside is telling me that after all those years of painful browser experience, it’s all going to be over on July 29th.