Microsoft Continues To Spend Money On Useless Videos

By | July 16, 2013

In case you missed it, here is a yet another video from Microsoft, which promotes their “Browser You Loved to Hate” campaign.

Considering that the average consumer will never see this video in the first place and enthusiasts have already made their choice, I’d say this ad as effective as the snake oil.

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  1. Boray says:

    IE seems to be a web browser. Are they saying it isn’t?

  2. iCON says:

    Why you are so negative against Microsoft?

  3. bankrolling an ad campaign to change public opinion is the opposite of useless, at the very least in the eyes of the ones footing the bill, at best, succeeding in swaying public opinion back into your corner. again, both are the opposite of useless.

    why won’t the average consumer see this video in the first place? the average consumer follows the most average of lifestyle patterns; a basic mass media campaign is going to overlap these patterns, roping in a sample of users everytime. you failed to mention where you came across this video, but i can only assume it’s on the same channels as their other ones, so yeah, mass market coverage.

    “enthusiasts have already made their choice”….and that is set in stone? you’ve never switched browsers in your whole career? i’ve already gone from IE6 -> FF -> Opera -> back to FF -> Chrome -> back to Opera for my default browser, and that’s just in the past few years.

    after the first browser wars, your quote could easily have been said in regards to IE6 and Netscape’s demise…where would that put your quote today?

    “I’d say this ad as effective as the snake oil”….what’s the snake oil? IE? IE11? have you tried IE11 yet? have you read the specs and features it provides?

    moreover, on the really real, as a developer with deep experience, at the very least how can you not find humor in these? at the very least from a wtf lol stance? better yet, realizing just how much has change in Redwood in the past few years. Yeah, it could totally be an ad campaign just blowing smoke….but it’s not. MS and IE are actually humanizing the product, as opposed to the corporate monster we all loved to hate a few years ago. And they’re poking fun at themselves. Its all good humor.

    If you are this critical in regards to the “Browser You Love to Hate Campaign”, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Google’s promote Chrome everywhere and anywhere no matter what use our browser campaign.