Microsoft Considers The Following Names For Spartan

By | January 26, 2015

Microsoft Considers The Following Names For SpartanThanks to a tipster who was surveyd by the Microsoft itself regarding the name of a new web browser, WPC learned that the software giant is considering the following names for Spartan:

– Entourage
– Elixa
– Evo
– Evex
– Endeavor
– Edge

In addition to that, it looks like a combination of the name above + Microsoft or IE, or Internet Explorer is also not ouf of the picture so remembering awful names like “Microsoft Windows Server Base Operating Systems Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005” or “Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate UPGRADE Limited Numbered Signature Edition”, we could very well see Microsoft Internet Explorer Entourage as the official name for Spartan.

We still prefer Spartan.

[Via: WPC]

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  1. tiagos says:

    Edge is the coolest name, I think, and I think it’s also the one that will be most globally acceptable, in that not everyone speaks English, but everyone can say Internet and Explorer…

  2. Usman says:

    I doubt for Edge and Evo as Microsoft could run into copyright issues with these names. Also Internet Explorer Entourage is quite a long name and won’t become very popular. Microsoft should craft some smaller name which is remembered easily like they did with Bing.

  3. Timonthy says:

    I like this name better

  4. Mark Driggs says:

    Vygantas, time to change your site logo again. Good thing you have a ‘v’ you can reserve for Opera spiritual successor Vivaldi:

  5. carls22 says:

    Let’s hope that MSoft didn’t us BING search again to see what names were available. That got them in trouble with Metro, Win9, and the original name for Zune. Hope they use another search engine to avoid multiple name changes before they announce Spartan.

  6. pookie21 says:

    what the hell is wrong with Spartan? I LOVE that.