Microsoft Caves to EU Pressure, Will Offer Browser Ballot

By | July 24, 2009

Ars Technica writes:

Microsoft has decided that the last thing it needs in this economy is some combination of the following: fines, legal bills, and a delay of Windows 7. It has offered to adopt the European Union’s preferred solution for bowser competition: a browser selector screen at startup.

Although Intel may have been hit with a bigger fine, the multi-year saga of Microsoft’s fight with the European Union’s Competition Commission may have run up larger legal bills, given its longevity. The most recent point of contention between Redmond and Europe has been the browser; Microsoft bundles its own with its operating systems, but the EU views that as using monopoly power to the detriment of potential competitors.


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  1. wtf says:

    *shakes head and rolls eyes*

    EU! Your Pathetic!

    • Tiago Sá says:

      You’re only envious, I presume, because we have a fair economy that values costumers. Americans are so unlucky in that regard that they even have electronic products such as gaming consoles and washing machines with a warranty of 76 hours!

      Which is kind of like… lol?

      • wtf says:

        um 76 hours? There’s been nothing that has a warranty under 90 days and if it I need a longer warranty i pay the extra $10 and get 5 years and so on so forth. America was great, till Obama and his sidekick showed up.

        • wtf says:

          and im not against this move, it seems like EU is getting desperate.

          • NibLer says:

            Say what? The EU is getting desperate because it’s enforcing its own laws? Desperate about what?

            I guess US courts are “desperate” as well when they enforce US antitrus laws? Or do your standards only apply to the EU?

          • wtf says:

            their so whiny about “oh, my poor lil browser didn’t get included” awww how sad.

            Its nice to offer a choice but still…

  2. Daniel Hendrycks says:


  3. Rafael says:

    Wow, if it really happens maybe the same occurs to Media Player.
    I think RealNetworks are strong for this. (not that I like it)

  4. barky says:

    Good move, keep the peace, offer choice & not make people have a ‘broken’ browser supplied with windoze as standard – haven’t used internet explorer for ages (except for testing) & with it’s unpatched activeX vulnerabilities etc + the hit or miss website rendering am glad I’m not forced to use it.