Maxthon Dominates The HTML5Test, Again

By | May 18, 2012

Maxthon Dominates HTML5Test, AgainAs previously reported, Maxthon 3 has been quite good at supporting the upcoming HTML5 standards. Now, after tasting the sweet fruits of victory, Maxthon developers continue to march forward with a new release.

So what’s new?

The beta build of Maxthon 3.3.9 web browser improves the HTML5Test score by a total of 15 points, up from 437+13 to 452+13.

In addition to that, we were notified that while it only scores 13 bonus points, it’s a bug and will likely to be fixed in the future releases.

Maxthon Dominates HTML5Test, Again

As Shane Bundy explained, “the reason why Maxthon only scores 13 bonus points is because of a bug that assumes Maxthon cannot support MP4 playback (which it can). This will be fixed in a later update.”

Maxthon Browser Changelog

New Features:
– Supported HTML5 Microdata
– Added “Internet Options” to proxy menu
– Added message prompt when exited Maxthon Browser
… and bug fixes

If you are installing the following build, be warned as it’s set itself as a default web browser, even as a dev build.

Maxthon Browser Beta

[Thanks, Hiram, Shane]

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  1. Yoyo says:

    does anyone know how many websites as a percentage use HTML 5 ?

  2. jayjam says:

    This seems impressive on the surface, but how are they doing it? By using a newer webkit version than Chrome and Safari?

    Are all the detected html5 features actually usable (and not just flagged as enabled without actually working)?

    • Mikah says:

      Webkit is responsible for 400 of those point’s leaving Maxthon 52 points .
      They are midgets standing on the shoulders of giants.

      • jayjam says:

        So how many of those points are valid points? That is, how many of those things actually work, and aren’t just reported as “supported” without actually working?