Maxthon Is Out!

By | July 16, 2011

Maxthon Is Out!A new version of the highly unknown browser is out and brings about quite a few changes, the majority of them being to the UI. For one, the Menu button no longer exists on the right, instead having been replaced by Quick Tools i.e. Feed Reader, Online Notepad, Translate, Snap, and Resource Sniffer.

What was once found under the Menu button has now been moved under the Avatar whose only purpose was to allow you to log in with your Maxthon Passport which contained all your synchronized data. It wasn’t simply a copy paste job, however, as it is now quite akin to Opera and Firefox.

What I am really digging is the new Reader Mode, however. “It makes reading on the web so comfortable you’ll wonder how you surfed without it.” What it does is make Maxthon display a clutter free view of the article and load the rest of the pages automatically. Quite sexy. Find out more about Reader Mode here.

Find below a short excerpt from the changelog:

New Feature:

[Reader Mode]
+ Left and Right arrow keys for page turning, Up and Down keys for scrolling.


– Closed the Options and Quick Access syncing feature temporarily for browser’s stability. Would add back after improving.


+ Added white background for the bubbles.
* Enabled to drag the text box.
* Changed magnifier coordinate to screenshot size.

[Reader Mode]
* Optimized the analysis of Super Next Page.
* Added friendly tips if “next page” was not suitable for Reader Mode.
* Enabled to remember user setting.

Maxthon is available to download here, but hasn’t been added to the auto updater yet.

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  1. Sarjoor says:

    Actually the current stable version is Maxthon, released July 14, 2011.  Click the download link and you’ll see you get the .2000 version.  Also see:'s got to synchronize their internal processes better.  They released a new stable version, but did not even update their own homepage…..

    • Sarjoor says:

      Don’t know what happened to the newlines there….  The link for Maxthon’s current stable is:

      • Armin says:

        Yea, read the last line. It isn’t available in the auto updater yet, but it has been acknowledged.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Every new release is a suprise.

    What they do that others neglect is to play around with such things as the UI to better determine the direction they should be heading.

    Sure it may not be good to shift the UI around often but it is good for experimentation.

    • Shane Bundy says:

      And they add features which don’t seem to be as appeciated in other browsers. Lunascape is the same.

      Wish more browser vendors were like that.

  3. Guest says:

    The Reader Mode is ripped off from Safari, which ripped it off from the Readability extension. You can install Readability as an extension in any browser and get the same feature.

    But Safari has had it built in for quite some time now. Strange that a browser news site wasn’t aware of that.