March, 2010 – Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari Share Goes Up; IE – Down

By | April 19, 2010

March, 2010 – Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari Share Goes Up; IE – DownInternet Explorer slowly nears 60% market share mark. This time it went down from 61.58 to 60.65, 0.93 point decrease.

In March, Firefox managed to increase its market share by 0.29 point, moving up from 24.23% to 24.52%.

Google Chrome continues to grow steadily; 0.52 point increase this time, up from 5.61% to 6.13%.

Safari has also increased its market share by 0.2 point, from 4.45% to 4.65%.

Opera’s market share also went up by 0.02 point, from 2.35% to 2.37%.

Opera Mini took a bite of market share as well and managed to increase it by 0.14 point, up from 0.64% to 0.78%.

It appears that every browser is doing rather well, except for Internet Explorer.

Here is a market share graph, as from HitsLink:

March, 2010 – Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari Share Goes Up; IE – Down


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  1. pneumatyka says:

    Forgive me for starting another flame war, but I like it, its funny :P

    So, where is Opera’s tripled download rate? ;)

    • Where is NetApplications reliable statistics?

      • nobody says:

        there are here, same as any other statistics.

        no matter how bad they are (they arent) effect of opera’ ‘tripple downloads’ should be seen here. it isnt. and because opera is the only source of this information, and refuses to provide ANY information about data they gather and methodology, conclusion is simple. opera is simply lying..

        they quoted that in Poland their downloads tripled – okay, go to and find browser graph. this site covers more than 80% of whole polish net (if not 90%) and is considered VERY reliable. opera is rather stagnant here.

        or maybe downloads rose, but because opera 10.5x is a stability disaster people dropped it?

        • Crackerflack says:

          Sure there is an effect from these downloads. Opera reported a growth from 46 million to more than 50 million recently. Sounds like an effect to me!

          10.5 is excellent, so people are clearly sticking with it. Otherwise the user base would have dropped after the release. But it grew from 46 to 50.

          And to verify the user growth, just look at Opera’s desktop revenue. It has been growing ever since the ads were removed. If the user base hadn’t been growing, the revenue would have gone down.

          But of course, you are too ignorant to know about these things. You only ever bash Opera and Chrome because you hate that they are much faster and better looking than Firefox.

          • Rokalacs says:

            Opera has only one big problem in my eyes. About the half of the sites that use flash or java or something like this are messed up for me in it. And don’t say this problem occurs just for me because with every other browser they’re fine (except Safari, that’s another failure).
            I’m using Google Chrome right now because it’s the most reliable for me. But I’d switch to Opera if they fixed the bugs that are exist since I don’t know when but I’m sure they’re there since 9.0 .

          • nobody says:

            ‘opera reports’.. well, there are people that do not believe opera, as they report stuff that isnt in line with what every other source on the planet says.

            desktop revenue is connected with many factors, not only userbase, also how are the deals structured etc, but you wouldnt undeerstand that

          • pneumatyka says:

            Problem with 10.5 is that it doesn’t work well for everyone. Since 10.5 I have my problem with crash when restoring sesssion with at least 2 different Opera windows opened. Its a loop crash – i have to start with new session (1 window, 1 tab – so my whole work is gone) to run Opera. Its not what I call reliable.
            Now, the same thing appeared for me on latest Linux snapshot. I’ve reported this issue twice, with various memory snapshots (half of a second before crash, after crash). But they didn’t fixed it. And I, as a long time Opera user (and I always were FOR Opera, as you might notice from reading my comments), after at least 5 years of using it, now I’m starting to think – what other browser can do what I want my browser to do…

            And there is issue with plug-ins, for me only on Linux though, so I can live with that (I’m using win at home, linux at work). With first 10.5 snapshot flash started to work flawlessly (at 10.10 it didn’t), but then after more snapshots it stopped. Now its as in 10.10 – very rarely it works, most time it doesn’t. At first I thought – Adobe flash for linux is broken. Then I installed chrome…
            Surprise. It works. How so?? (IN FF it rarely doesn’t work).

            Pity me – there is no other browser with Opera capabilities (without having to install 3rd party plugins though), so I have to stick to it ;)

        • Ichann says:

          Steps how Opera determines ‘active’ users:

          1. Place psudeo randomly generated numbers into a hat (make sure all the numbers are higher than previous ones)

          2. Get the new guy to pull a number from the hat

          3. Hey presto. Opera has now gained xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx ‘active’ users.

    • Grrblt says:

      Tripled download rate is not the same thing as tripled user base. If they have 50 million users and 10k people download it every week under normal conditions, it means they will that with tripled download rate they will still have 50 million users but now 30k downloading it. It still takes a while to have any serious impact on the total number of users.

      But of course you already knew this. You’re just doing your best to look stupid.

    • Crackerflack says:

      “So, where is Opera’s tripled download rate? ;)”

      If you haven’t gotten by now that downloads are not automatically users, you really need to check your head.

      If you look at Opera’s active users, they went up from 46 million or so a while ago, and above 50 million after the ballot screen.

      Of course, Net Applications has crappy stats, so looking at those stats is like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer.

  2. Tiago Sá says:

    Prediction time!!!

    I predict that, by the end of the mouth, we’ll have IE bellow 60% thanks to the ballot screen, we’ll have have Firefox basically around where it is now (just you wait for 3.7! The market share will boom, I reckon), Chrome will keep going as usual, and Opera Mini will have like 1,5 % or something, thanks to the iPhone users.

    • Crackerflack says:

      Opera Mini already has more users than the total number of sold iPhones. A few million more iPhone users aren’t going to do much to Opera Mini’s market share.

    • Ichann says:

      It’s inevitable. Chrome is going to take over the market. The INTERNET is really Google’s domain now.

      BTW: I thought mini was the most used mobile browser. It surely should have a bit more market share than that. BTW2: Why are we comparing a mobile browser to say a desktop one?

  3. It is quite impressive what Chrome has done in a fairly short space of time. I do agree with Tiago Sa though, I think IE will likely be below 60% very very soon, with Chrome gaining more and more marketshare. MS will have to make IE9 is excellent and get it out of the door ASAP to stem the tide….personally I can’t wait to see how the *new* browser wars take shape….