Malware Serving Extensions Now Banned By Google

By | January 22, 2014 | 2 Comments

Malware Serving Extensions Now Banned By Google“Add to Feedly” and “Tweet this Page”.

Following the recent outrage that some companies are sneaking malware serving code into Google Chrome extensions that are updated silently, the search giant took some steps and removed at least two of them.

So how exactly did this happen? Well, according to Amit Agrawal, the guy behind “Add to Feedly” extension said that an unknown company has acquired his extension and inserted the malicious code afterwards.

Who’s to blame? Google? The Pope?

[Via: Neowin]

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  • Tiago Sá

    How in the hell does Google not review their extensions?! Firefox has much more complex (and better) extensions and they review every single release. This would never happen on Firefox. What a joke.

    • Tom

      It CAN and it DID happen to Firefox as well. Take a look:

      Still, I went back to Firefox after they disabled NPAPI, which ruined the only good Chrome gestures extension, Pig Toolbox. This was supposed to be a more open browser, but right now it’s everything but. And I can’t browse without mouse gestures in 2014. The other two extensions are malicious, one tracks your activities and the other one injects ads, so screw them.