Malware Protection: IE9 Smashes Other Web Browsers

By | August 22, 2011

Malware Protection: IE9 Smashes Other Web Browsers

Google responds.

Once again, NSS Labs, an independent security research organization, has tested top 5 five web browsers to find out, how good they are at blocking the socially engineered malware.

Has anything changed? In terms of ranking, not rally. However, Google Chrome saw a 340% or 10.2 percentage points improvement when compared to the previous report, which is definably a good news for all its users.

After NSS Labs results, Google has published a blog post, acknowledging that such malware is indeed dangerous and that it keeps growing. In addition to that, the search giant has also reminded that only about 2% of all the sites that distribute malware rely on socially engineered one.

Our report analyzed four years of data to uncover trends in malware distribution on the web, and it demonstrates the ongoing tension between malware distributors and malware detectors. To help protect Internet users, even those who don’t use Google, we have updated the Safe Browsing infrastructure over the years to incorporate many state-of-the-art malware detection technologies. We hope the findings outlined in this report will help other researchers in this area and raise awareness of some of the current challenges.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to figure out why NSS Labs places IE so far above other browsers and makes IE look like it’s miles ahead. Yet again you see their bullshit reports how IE is terrifically safer than others.

    It’s a well known fact the NSS Labs is funded by MS, so that should clear any doubts in one’s mind.

    Don’t get me wrong, IE9 is a great improvement, but this false marketing (scare tactics) is a no-go.

  2. DM says:

    “not rally” ? whos racing?

    on a serious note this post says it all about this study

    “giving a large number of false positives severely
    diminishes the value of the warnings. If you claim “the sky is falling”
    at every opportunity, users will start to ignore the warnings, and the
    effectiveness of the protection drops from 99.2% to 0%”

  3. Francis says:

    That’s because the Ie users are always visiting the no good websites.

  4. Žilvinas says:

    Firefox 4, Chrome 12 << aint this a bit outdated ?

  5. Mikah says:

    NSS Labs funded by Microsoft , to be fair IE 9 is very good defending against ActiveX exploits but still trails Opera which blocks 100% ActiveX

    • Rudi Visser says:

      Not supporting != Blocking

      • Mikah says:

        The NSS labs test is so flawed that quibbling over blocking is petty.
        Fact is IE 9 needs to be very good blocking malware only because it has ActiveX, of course if any users change the security settings it leaves them wide open.

  6. Poor results of other browsers are probably based on the fact, that 80% of the total score is likely “actively blocking ActiveX malware”, but if you don’t support ActiveX, you’re not “actively blocking ActiveX malware” :)

  7. Okmbghmoghmn says:

    i have firefox and no viruses at all, so if i use ie9.. should this mean i can browse porn sites and other shit like that

    this is bullshit .. it is the user that is the main reason for the viruses dont blame the browser if users are too stupid to protect themselves

  8. grg says:

    IE9 malware very good and good browser but I prefer my default browser ;)

  9. Asknobody says:

    NSS – Not Serious Security. Believe in our reports! please..